What is a PiYo Workout?

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A PiYo workout is a combination of Pilates and Yoga that may help you lose weight, burn calories, gain more strength, and be more flexible. A PiYo Schedule is a workout schedule where you will have to do a PiYo workout a day except for rest days. A PiYo workout is just a 60-day workout program, and it is excellent for people who don’t like high-impact workouts like jumping, push-ups, etc. This is a workout that excludes weight lifting or extreme and compound exercises, but it burns fat and can help you get toned or lose weight. There is a PiYo Workout Schedule where you will do each workout for a day. You would need water for regenerating yourself, and a towel to wipe off some sweat. It is optional and up to you if you want to use yoga mat so that your knees or some parts won’t hurt, or a chair if you lose balance. If you’d like to read my full Piyo review, then check out my home workouts section.

This is a workout that is more focused on losing weight than building strength. It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour on doing these workouts, but it is a lot quicker than you think! It helps you increase your flexibility and strength. We have the PiYo strength and the PiYo base or the PiYo workout. It contains two different exercises, but the PiYo base includes ten different exercises. You can start on a level that you feel comfortable with first. These workouts will show up in the schedule. This workout challenges your body, but it would be worth it in the end. This PiYo workout is lead by a modifier that may help you learn better.

This PiYo Workout Schedule is for any person at any level, either a veteran or a beginner. Its first day will start off with Align or Align: The Fundamentals. So you that you will gain knowledge of every movement there is. You will not just learn it, but you will also try it. In some PiYo workouts or PiYo exercises, you have to have the heat going on that will make you sweat like doing some lunges, squats, planks, or tricep push-ups. This series is called the “Heat.” It gets your heart beating and your blood flowing. Of course, you would be given short breaks to rest. In the end, you will have a cooldown and do some stretches. You would have to do 28 days of a PiYo Workout Schedule a month.

Breakdown of the PiYo Workout Schedule

These 9 different exercise routines and 2 strength workouts here in this PiYo workout schedule can help you gain knowledge and understanding about its time duration and its benefits. The Schedule will help you a lot and it would just take 40 minutes of your day.

1. PiYo Base: this focuses more on flexibility and basic exercises.

a. Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes) – this workout helps you start off well. It helps you get in the right posture or form. All the moves you need to know through your PiYo workout journey so that you will gain more understanding.

b. Define: Lower Body (20 minutes)– this workout helps you have toned and lean legs. It strengthens your lower body, from your glutes to your thighs or hamstrings then to your calves.

c. Define: Upper Body (20 minutes)– this workout strengthens your arms, and can also work your core out. It can also help you shape your arms and sculpt your shoulders nicely. This workout has three different sections: Full Body Fusion, Core & More, and Strength Series.

d. Sweat (35 minutes)– this PiYo workout is a full body workout that helps you burn your calories and lose weight. It will really make you sweat, but you won’t feel bored with Pilates or yoga if you are not really a huge fan of it.

e. Core (30 minutes)– this 30-minute workout strengthens your entire core. It is divided into different sections. You would have to stretch your core or warm it up. This workout focuses on your entire core. It helps you build more strength and flexibility in your body.

f. Strength Intervals (25 minutes)– this workout alternates between moves of cardio and strength training. Hardcore body weight resistance exercises and cardio movements that keep your heart raising are the primary types of exercises that can be found in this type of PiYo workout.

g. Drench (45 minutes)– this makes you flex or stretch some parts of your body so that you will improve your balance, flexibility, and muscle endurance. Some people prefer to use a mat during this workout. This burns fat and will help your muscles to become stronger. It will also make your metabolism higher.

h. Buns (25 minutes)– this workout focuses on the glutes. This will lift and redefine your entire backside. It makes the lower backside of your body tighter so that you would have a perfect-shaped buttock.

i. Sculpt (30 minutes)– this PiYo focuses on gaining your muscle endurance. This uses tempos to keep your muscles under tension.

2. PiYo Strength:

a. Full Body Blast (30 minutes)– This PiYo workout is a total body workout that pushes your fat burning potential into work.

b. Strong Legs (30 minutes)– This PiYo workout would need the Beachbody strength slides to do some stretches like lunges and squats. This workout exercises your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quad. It helps you get lean and toned legs.

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Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 1

  • Day 1 Monday: Focus Align: The Fundamentals
  • Day 2 Tuesday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 3 Wednesday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 4 Thursday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 5 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 6 Saturday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 7 Sunday: Focus Define: Upper body

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 2

  • Day 8 Monday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 9 Tuesday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 10 Wednesday: Focus Core
  • Day 11 Thursday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 12 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 13 Saturday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 14 Sunday: Focus Core

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 3piyo results

  • Day 15 Monday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 16 Tuesday: Focus Buns
  • Day 17 Wednesday: Focus Core
  • Day 18 Thursday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 19 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 20 Saturday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 21 Sunday: Focus Strength Intervals

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 4

  • Day 22 Monday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 23 Tuesday: Focus Core or Hardcore on the floor
  • Day 24 Wednesday: Focus Buns
  • Day 25 Thursday: Focus Drench
  • Day 26 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 27 Saturday: Focus Strength Interval
  • Day 28 Sunday: Focus Sweat