This is my personal review. Everyone's experience and results will differ on an individual basis.

Updated: August 9th 2018

My P90X2 Review

Tony Horton and the Beachbody crew introduced their most recent home workout program, which is a sequel to their successful P9OX series and is called P90X2. I just completed this savage program and discovered it very hard to finish. There was certainly an absence of motivation with the P90X2. Other P90X2 reviews might tell you another thing but here goes my P90X2 review.

I began with P90X back in the day, which is the first home workout series I finished, and I had tons of fun completing it. Strangely, I never reviewed it for reasons unknown in spite of it being such an amazing project. P90X2 raises the bar. Tony Horton specifies all through the program this is implied for the P90X graduates; however, in actuality, you can do the program fine without having done P90X and other comparable programs.

It is not everyone that has time to hit the gym or money to buy all the gym equipment and so we all yearn for that intense and result-bearing home workout to cater for all the lost time and gained weight. That is what P90X2 promises to give you but does P90X2 deliver on its word? Read this P90X2 review and find out

This P90X2 review is based on our personal experience with the product, research, and interviews with individuals that have used P90X2 who were also open enough to give their honest P90X2 review based on how the workout took its course and what results it yielded for them if any.

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Similar to P90X, this program includes 90 days that comprises of three stages. Stage 1 is called the Foundation, stage 2 is called the Strength, and stage 3 is called the Performance. With the first P90X, there were particular programs to take after. In case that you needed to get lean, you had to follow its lean calendar. Likewise, there was the classic calendar as well as doubles, and both would provide a particular schedule. With P90X2, there are provided more breathing space to settle on to what extent you need to remain in each stage. For stage 1, you can remain in the stage somewhere in the range of three to a month and a half, stage 2 is somewhere in the range of three

to a month and a half, and stage three is somewhere in the range of 3 weeks to a month. While a few people may acknowledge this flexibility, numerous will not. Numerous individuals who follow these programs want to be instructed precisely and they need to have the capacity to follow the routine precisely and press play. In any case, with P90X2, leeway is ambiguous to influence individuals to think about to what extent they ought to do each stage, as long it is up to 3 months. I wound up following 3 weeks in stage 1, 5 weeks in stage 2, and a month in stage 3. This was largely subjective, with the exception of I needed to invest the minimal measure of time in stage 1, since I believe I am fit and did not require the additional time to develop to stage two and three.

Every workout go somewhere in the range of 50 – 75 minutes long. The longer days require X2 Ab Ripper. It will not come as a shock to the P90X graduates who needed to go through the similar routine in the first P90X. The exercises change from stage to stage, yet a few exercises are utilized as a part of multiple stages. X2 Yoga is utilized the most since it is compulsory in every one of the three stages. Plyocide, X2 Recovery Mobility are utilized as a part of stage 1 and 2. Workouts are five days for each week with a couple days of rest and recovery, and a day more of rest every week contrasted with P90X.


P90X2 is a home workout plan that intends to give you more than full gym workout at home. It focuses on making you train like a professional athlete with 12 routines all in the comfort of your home without taking too much of your time It is an improved version of its predecessor the P90X.

This P90X2 workout plan comes in form of a DVD and book kit with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. The kit contains the 12 workouts to be carried out with examples on how to do them. Also part of the kit is a fitness guide that will educate you on how the P90X2 program works, how you can use it, how each workout functions in relation to the human body and much more valuable information. A nutrition guide and workout calendar is also included in this kit.

The nutrition guide offers you a real chance at a professional athlete’s diet while providing you with a variety of food options to choose from so you may pick what is right for you.

The calendar will help you fix your nutrition and workouts including your recovery time in a well-ordered manner.


From our experience for this P90X2 review, we came to an agreement that the P90X2 is rightfully in the category of extreme workouts and

built for the advanced exerciser. Therefore, if you are looking for extreme home workouts, this product might be the right one for you.


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The P90X2 program contains 12 workouts that include:

X2 CORE — This is the pillar workout. It prepares you for
the whole program and improves your movement patterns. Duration: 57 minutes+.

PLYOCIDE — This workout aims at coordinating explosive movements.
Good for your mind and body. Duration: 57 minutes+.

X2 TOTAL BODY — This in a muscle building routine that use
instability and resistance to give you rewards. Duration: 64 minutes+.

X2 YOGA— This workout aims at maximizing your isometric
power, improving your motion range and bettering your stabilizer muscles.
Duration: 68 minutes+.

X2 RECOVERY + MOBILITY — The important part of every workout
program; rest. This workout out transforms rest into complete body realignment
sessions in a special technique known as foam rolling. Duration: 58 minutes+.

X2 BALANCE + POWER — This builds the strength of your core.
Duration: 63 minutes+.

CHEST + BACK + BALANCE — This is an alternative to weight
training that gives you more of an edge than just weightlifting. Duration: 60

X2 SHOULDERS + ARMS – This workout will keep your shoulders
and arms in the game and going at the same rate. Duration: 53 minutes+.

BASE + BACK — This involves pull-ups and ploys. Your back
will never be the same. Duration: 53 minutes+.

P.A.P. LOWER — Post Activation Potentiation. This is a
special technique engineered by experience trainers worldwide. This workout is
what makes P90X2 unique. Duration: 63 minutes+.

P.A.P. UPPER – More P.A.P to ensure you train like a professional
athlete. Duration: 53 minutes+.

X2 AB RIPPER – This workout will help you build a concrete
core. Duration: 17 minutes+.

The P90X2 is divided into three stages and lasts for a total of 90 days. For stage 1, you can decide how much time you will spend in this entire stage before moving to stage 2. If you face challenges with some stage 1 routines, stay. Do not jump to stage 2. This is a key point that we had to include in our analysis as some users testified jumping to a stage ahead without spending the allocated time in a certain stage to let their bodies adjust to the routines.

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The workouts in stage1 incorporate Plyocide, X2 Total Body, X2 Balance + Power, Ab Ripper, X2 Core, X2 Recovery + Mobility, and X2 Yoga.

The workouts in stage 2 comprise of Plyocide, X2 Shoulders + Arms, Base + Back, Ab Ripper, Chest + Back + Balance, X2 Recovery + Mobility, and X2 Yoga. Moreover, you can substitute X2 Chest + Shoulders + Tries for X2 Shoulders + Arms, and V-Sculpt for Chest + Back + Balance. I did the substitution throughout the previous two weeks of stage 2 of boredom and curiosity.

Workouts in stage 3 incorporate P.A.P. Lower, (which is a term being tossed around fitness circles), X2 Recovery + Mobility, P.A.P. Upper, and X2 Yoga. There is additionally a casual recovery week incorporated towards the end of stage 3 should you require it, which is generally X2 Recovery + Mobility including X2 Yoga rotated each day.

This review wants you to know it may sound confusing but is not once you observe the calendar and your choices and begin the program. The one thing, which I believe, is a major no for the program is the number of equipment required, which is more than the first P9OX. You will require a mat, tape, dumbbell of different weights, resistance bands, a ploy box, push up stands, towels, medicine balls, a pull-up bar, stability balls, a foam roller, including a number of other stuff. Conveniently, Beachbody offers stuff you require. I did not have all the required equipment, yet I had most Tony Horton emphasizes that you can follow this program in the hotel room in case you are traveling, and consequently need not bother with all the equipment. At the end of the day, an absence of equipment ought not to prevent you from beginning the program. In any case, it is always good to do the workouts as they are intended for greatest advantage. However, this tells you the number of equipment you require for P90X2 makes it hard.

I will not tell you what every exercise comprises of separately like other P90X2 reviews do. It is for you to know. Simply realize that there is a considerable measure of well-known stuff from the first P90X, for example, warm up and cool down, loads of pull-ups, dumbbell work, and so on. In any case, there will likewise be loads of new things including lots of

stability ball workouts, medicine ball workouts, and foam rolling. You will like the foam rolling, which is a nice touch. I often disregarded foam rolling despite being so essential for recovery until now. The medicine including stability ball was intriguing, but not required, as I would see it. We want you to know that the workouts are difficult.

In general, it is a decent program. Tony Horton is his hilarious and whacky, and a large portion of the exercises is great and leaves you feeling that you put in good work. My outcomes were quite great. I leaned out and packed a bit of muscle. I also got stronger. This review wants you to know it is a good program if you have most of the types of equipment or are willing to buy them. Other P90X2 reviews may tell you that this program is not that good but I assure you it gets better once you start following the program. Hope this helped.


Our research data and personal experience yielded the
following key aspects.


  • The product comes with a 90-Day, money back guarantee.
    This is key for people trying it out for the first time
  • It cuts on gym costs.
  • It is beneficial to advanced exerciser because of its
    extreme workouts.
  • The P90X2 emphasizes balance and strengthening the core.
  • Its yoga routines are not only good for the body but for
    the mind too.
  • It does not leave out rest. In fact, it uses the recovery
    period as an exercise too.
  • The program comes with a nutrition guide and calendar so
    you can plan your workouts and diet in advance.


  • This program is level bias, as it is not for everyone but
    for those ready for extreme workouts.
  • You cannot try the product before you buy it
  • It is a bit more time demanding that the other P90 series.


We have now reached the twilight of our review but now the blossom of your knowledge of the P90X2 program.

The program is not a bogus scheme to sell you something that does not exist it actually is in existence. So your money is safe and so is your body as these workouts are well designed, however, you should always see your physician before starting any new workout program.

The P90X2 program will not require you to hit the gym but it will require you to buy a few accessories such as a ball, equipment for your pull-ups end some dumbbells. Other than that, the program is fully a home workout and does deliver the results it promises.

If you stick to the plan, eat as advised and do not give up on your workouts, the P90X2 will yield results.