Insanity Max:30 Review

Insanity Max:30 is Ideal for those who:

  1. Want to push themselves to be the best they can be.
  2. Don’t have much time to do it.
  3. Don’t want to use expensive equipment.
  4. Want a flexible diet plan.
  5. Are any fitness level.

If you meet the above criteria, you should definitely read this review to find out more about the program.

Updated: August 9th 2018

Are you wondering what insanity max 30 is and who the program is meant for? This insanity max 30 review will explain all the details about the program and also help you determine whether it is fit for you. By the end of this insanity max 30 review, you will also have learned about the pros and cons of the program to determine whether it is worth it.

Have you ever heard of Insanity or Focus T25 by Shaun T? If yes then you will find most of the aspects about this program very familiar. If you are new to the program, then be ready to learn about the most intense workout program ever existed that gives unimaginable results. Just like the original insanity workout program insanity Max 30 is a program that is meant to help individuals push their body beyond their normal limits. This program has a slogan that goes the hardest 30 minutes of your day for the best results in your life.’

Who is the program suitable for?

Every workout program targets certain individuals and given that Insanity Max 30 is also defined as X100 insanity you need to have the capability of keeping up with the exercises. The program will push you beyond you ordinary limits with every workout session to help you achieve your desired results. Bearing in mind that this is a high-intensity workout program not everyone will be up for it. In fact, a glance at the program manual will tell you that the pace and training intensity is not for someone who is not already in good shape.

This Insanity max 30 review has a list of individuals who are suited to take this program

• Individuals already in good shape

• Individuals who have been working out with other programs such as the original Insanity or P90X

• Fitness veterans who are already familiar with high pace and intensive workouts

• Individuals who want to push their workouts to the extremes to lose more weight

Components of Insanity Max 30

Once you purchase the Insanity Max 30, the kit comes with the following items

1. 12 different kinds of workouts on 10 DVDs

2. Max Out manual/guide

3. Max nutrition guide

4. Max Out working out calendar

5. Abs Maximizer Working out calendar

6. No Time To Cook Guide

The 12 workouts on 10 DVDs

insanity max 30 review


Just like the original Insanity the 60 days Insanity Max 30 workout program is divided into two equal periods. Each half equals 30 days or one month. The first period involves repeating the same workouts per week, for 5 days each week. Once you get to the second period, the workouts become more advanced.

Unlike the original Insanity where workouts blended everything, the workouts discussed in this review are decidedly one-sided. In the Insanity Max 30, each month comprises two resistance-targeted workouts, and cardio targeted workouts with a more intensive and blended workout on every Friday which marks the end of each week. One of the most amazing of this new intensive workout program is the inclusion of Tabata a very high-intensity workout routine. Tabata is rated as one of the most effective high-intensity routines that helps individuals get results with the shortest time possible. In addition to the core workouts the program also has two bonus workouts; the Ab Attack 10 and the Pulse.

Pulse referrers to the two days of the week that you are supposed to rest after training for 5 consecutive days. However, it has been found that getting involved in outdoor activities during the rest days yield better results than laying around resting.

Ab Attack 10, on the other hand, is ten minutes ab-focused high-intensive workout that should be performed two times a week. Although Ab Attack 10 is a short workout segment of the program, it has been found to be a great supplement to the core workouts giving you better results.

The Max Out Guide

The Max Out Guide provides you detailed instructions on how to perform your workouts. It can be viewed as a daily routine training manual. If you think that following a guide to performing your routine workouts is old school, then you will find it beneficial later in the program especially once you start facing mental obstacles. The guide helps you to measure your performance so that you can put more effort to beat previous performance in your next workout session. Remember the program aims at helping push your limits a little further with every workout. Shout T recommends that you should beat your previous performance by 30 seconds.

The Nutrition to the Max

insanity max 30 nutrition guide



It is common for every workout program to include a nutrition guide but the guide discussed in this insanity max 30 reviews; the Nutrition to the Max varies from the nutrition guides in the earlier programs which includes the P90X and P90 nutrition guides. The Nutrition to the Max emphasizes more on controlling portions and minimizing harmful ingredients such as sugars, preservatives, and salts from your diet.

Although the guide recommends a wide range of healthy foods, its main aim is to help you minimize the consumption of harmful ingredients without avoiding some foods entirely. The Nutrition to the Max is rated as one of the sensible eating guides since it takes to account that it is always hard for individuals to avoid some foods or ingredients completely.

Insanity Max Calendar

The Insanity Max Out calendar is a huge calendar that can be hanged on a wall that outlines the daily workouts for the entire 60-days fitness program. It is highly recommended that you cross off each day after working out as it will act as a motivator by showing you the mile stones you have covered.

The Ab Maximizer calendar

We have included the Ab Maximizer calendar in this insanity max 30 review since it plays a unique role in your fitness journey. Just like the Insanity max out calendar, the Abs maximizer helps you to keep track of your abs work out on a daily basis for the whole 60 days

The No Time To Cook Guide

This is an essential kit to the program that helps you to keep track on what you eat no matter where you are. The No Time To Cook Guide helps you always to observe your eating habits, especially when dining out. Being a fitness trainer does not mean that you have to limit yourself from other normal activities. However, with the help of this guide, you will never stray and eat what is not recommended

Convenience and Usability

Of all the training programs out there the Insanity Max 30 is considered as the most convenient high intensive home workout program ever existed. Also, the program does not require any equipment since it uses your body weight to perform all workouts. Although the program is recommended for individuals who are already physically fit, it starts at a slow pace which is easy to adapt since you can only spend about 45 minutes on a single workout which starts once you get used to strenuous workouts.

The first month’s workouts will last up to 30 minutes while the more advanced workouts which you start during the second month last up to 45 minutes. Also, you will have to integrate Abs maximizer workouts in core workouts and should be performed twice a week. The abs maximizer workouts should be done somewhere in the middle of the program; during 2nd to 4th week and 6th to 8th week. Besides abs workout should not worry you too much as they will add only 15 minutes on top of your normal workout time during those days.

Regarding usability, Insanity Max 30 is not for the physically challenged. It is more like working out throughout with steroids without cooling down. Although each work out has a modified option that you can use as an alternative, it does not make the workouts any easier like in the earlier programs such as P90.The only way the modifier option helps is by reducing the impact on your joints.

The great thing about Insanity Max 30 is that if you keep up with the program and follow all the instructions it is a must for you to get positive results.

Insanity Max 30 does not require any investment but you can buy an exercise mat, and a pair of training shoes and maybe you already have them.

Getting results

Despite being high a intensive workouts fitness program, the Insanity Max 30 focuses on weight loss by helping individuals burn excess fat fast. However, we also have to mention in our insanity max 30 reviews that there have been reported cases of individuals building muscles from the program. According to statistics since the creation of this program, it has been found that it helps individuals lose from 8lbs to 40 lbs and above depending on your body type and commitment.

Just like any other fitness program, the insanity Max 30 also has its pros and cons too.


  1. Very effective in body workout routines
  2. Gives excellent results
  3. Comes with an exclusive nutrition guide
  4. Requires no extra investment other than buying the program itself


  1. Comprise a steep learning curve as some workouts can be very challenging
  2. Some individuals complain of joint and back pain for straining too much
  3. Does not include a lot of vegan recipes
  4. If you find the program suitable for you, you can easily buy it online and have it shipped to your doorstep within days.


Insanity Max 30 is great for everyone if you want to lose weight. Your level of fitness doesn’t matter as long as you give it 100%. And, if the program isn’t right for you, Beachbody has a refund period with all of their products where you can get a full refund. So there’s no risk. Give it a try today if you want to completely change your life.