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PiYo Nutrition Guide

PiYo Nutrition Guide

piyo nutrition guide

No one dislikes a healthy looking body. Every individual strives to get the transformation to be what he or she believes he or she should. However, you cannot achieve this if you do not give attention to it. That is why many like you have an interest in either losing some pounds. In the same way, others just focus on that amazing transformation that will leave many wonders what you did to yourself. Despite the fact that there are many routes to follow on this; there are very few secure and assured routes that give your desired results. The majority of the sure routes are not always appealing to many. This is to imply that in most cases you will be compelled to let go some aspects of your lifestyle. Some require huge financial investment. Others will demand a change in your diet. While others still will call for your time and energy to exercise. PiYo nutrition plan is one of these distinct methods. It has an assured outcome with absolutely no side effects. Piyo nutrition guide helps you to develop a lean eating plan that is a sure means of reaching your goal. The nature of the Piyo nutrition guide which does not have any form of side effects on your body makes it a secure approach to model your body to what you want it to be.

In this way having a proper breakdown of the Piyo nutrition guide is a distinctive move for you to attain the objectives you have. Having this understanding, I am therefore here to help you out on this in a distinctive way. My breakdown will be an exceptional guide to help you manage through the hype. I will also give attention to common questions you might be having about the Piyo nutrition guide. In the same way, I will also ensure that I remain helpful in terms of tips on how effectively tweak the PiYo meal plan. This will be based on your particular situation hence no potential confusion due to generalization.

PiYo nutrition guide is very important for you. This is mainly because it does not only focus on helping you to burn fats, build lean muscles as well as stay healthy. It does these and much more. For instance, it helps you ensure that you determine the amount and type of food you should eat. In order to be able to achieve a lot from the plan, the following steps are very integral.

Step 1: Why Step

This step is not only difficult but it is also tricky. It involves establishing the reasons why you want to start the program. The reason is that each and every step of the PiYo nutrition guide is hard and challenging. Therefore minus motivation and commitment, it is very rare that you will be able to make it to the end. This step, therefore, helps you to figure out whether you are prepared to go through the program to the end. It is important to help you go through the tough first-month process. It focuses on helping you establish the source of motivation that you have and support that will help you stick on even when things turns out not to be as impressive and appealing as they might have been. This step sets the foundation for a other steps in the program.

piyo workout

Step 2: Calculate your calorie target for weight loss

You are supposed to measure your current weight and then multiply it by eleven. This is to be able to establish the caloric baseline. The weight should be entered in pounds. Once this has been done, your maintenance calories are obtained by adding 400. Then subtract 600 from your result in order to obtain your caloric target. The result is considered to be the target value that you should use in the second step.

Step 3: Choose the PiYo eating plan that fits your calorie target

It is important that you round up your calories to 1200 in the event that the calorie target is below 1200. This is important because it is not healthy to eat a little less than that for a few days. It is important to note that the numbers are approximated. When you are not hitting the exact target you should not be stressed. What is significant is you eating healthy and ensuring that you stay within the 200 calories of your target. The following are plans which you can follow based on your calorie target.

A lot of attention should be given to the PiYo nutrition guide. This is because it gives you a balanced approach. It also ensures that you have all the energy you need to power through your workout. This happens while it still helps you to shade off pounds. For each of the plans about 40% Carbohydrates, 25% fats, as well as 35% protein, are worked out.

Step 4: Choose from a huge list of PiYo- approved food.

This is the most interesting part of the PiYo nutrition guide. This is because you are left to choose for yourself. You are guiding yourself on what food and what amount of it to eat. It is different from the old diet habits which constricted one on what to eat. This step allows you to be in control. In the same way, the PiYo nutrition guide has multiple choices that one can choose from. This means that you are not compelled in one way or the other to eat what you do not want to eat. Its nature helps you to have the best possible combination of minerals, vitamins as well as other healthy nutrients. When these are combined with the other natural benefits of drinking Shakeology on a daily basis the outcome is very impressive. Actually when you adhere to all these steps of PiYo nutrition guide be sure you are on your way to building muscle mass. You will be able to boost your metabolism as well as loss weight. The outcome will be impressive with absolutely no side effect that other methods that are available in the market have. To read more about PiYo, check out my PiYo review where I break down everything in depth.

Piyo Review

PiYo review

piyo review

While PiYo may seem like a new kid on the block, this exercise system which combines Pilates and Yoga (hence PiYo) has long established roots. It’s proving popular amongst those looking to get a long, lean appearance without bulking up through weight lifting.

PiYo creator Chalene Johnson loved the results she was getting from yoga but says she was too impatient to stay for long periods in the postures so she designed an exercise program that gave her the outcomes she wanted without the long holds she found boring. As a result PiYo students can have the flexibility for which yoga is famous, alongside the lean musculature seen on dancers and Pilates students – but it doesn’t stop there because the inclusion of cardio moves, particularly in between those hold movements’ gives a calorie-torching pace to the workouts which makes them intense and exciting.

What is the PiYo workout?

A typical PiYo session will include a range of movements for the whole body, using body weight exercises and functioning like a cross between a flow yoga session and a dance class. The length of a PiYo workout can vary from 20 minutes to 50 and will also bring dance and martial arts elements into the mix to keep the workout fresh and exciting.

While every PiYo workout will include some cardio, some stretching and some body weight activity, the design of the sessions will vary depending on the body area being targeted and the purpose of the session. From the PiYo DVD, as an example the Sweat’ session incorporates lunges and sun salutations to warm the body and get it ready to work hard, then balance exercises intermixed with skater slides to boost the cardio component and that’s balanced by planks and some core work to bring body weight components to the workout – finishing with some power moves like burpees and squats to give a solid workout for the lower body that leaves you feeling energized and full of endorphin highs. On another day, the workout might incorporate specific exercises for spinal strength, upper body toning or whittling the buns and tum’ areas.

Clever modifications of classic exercises make PiYo a winner for injured athletes or those new to exercise, for example, runners pose is like a dead lift without the strain that weightlifting puts on the back. In PiYo you move the weight to your right leg and lift the left foot from the floor, keeping the left knee bent. Then you tilt forward as you push that leg out behind you and tilt backwards a little as you swing the leg forwards and up to waist height. Twenty on each leg will give PiYo students a superb workout of the glutes and hamstrings without the risk of pain to the spine. Another useful feature of PiYo is that you can ramp it up where you feel confident by using modifications that challenge your balance or core strength, whilst taking less extreme options in other exercises that might inflame an old injury or put strain on joints not used to exercise. This range of options makes PiYo accessible to all.

Who is PiYo for?

Like many other tough’ exercise regimes, PiYo, done correctly, can burn up to 1,000 calories a session but unlike some other boot camp style systems, PiYo is designed to be gentle enough for those who have joint issues or can’t tackle high impact activity through injury or ill health. It’s okay (with individual modifications) for pregnant women to take part and while it requires a similar level of discipline to other dedicated exercise systems, PiYo is designed to give everybody a chance to participate all the way through the session by adapting the full form of each exercise through a series of variations that permit anyone to take part.

This is ideal for anybody who’s committing to exercise after a period of inactivity and especially good for those who’ve been injured and now need to ensure that their workouts are low impact.

piyo workout

What are the benefits of the PiYo workout?

The combination of Pilates and yoga gives PiYo participants long, toned muscles – but keeping the action moving at a rapid pace ensure that unwanted body fat gets torched between the body weight exercises. This means that muscle sculpting takes place alongside gaining the benefits of a resistance workout. While that’s not unusual, it’s the clever incorporation of cardio that gets the heart racing and delivers twin benefits, body fat-reduction and endorphin production. The high intensity interval work is as effective as shuttle sprints for cardio and the holds bring balance as well a strength, so you look more poised as well as slimming down.

PiYo can be taken in classes or there are two DVD packages, featuring Chalene Johnson herself. The DVDs are particularly good for those who aren’t able to commit to a regular class or want to train more regularly that a class-based system permits. The basic version offers an eight workout package and a deluxe version that contains two additional workouts and the strength slides’ which are plastic discs that allow participants to slide’ into each position, creating greater flexibility and a deeper stretch.

One of the standout features of PiYo is the way that it reduces aches and pains so that DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) becomes a thing of the past. You can plan a PiYo session for every other day without feeling the strain and it’s also possible for those who have already got a reasonable to high level of fitness to use two of the DVD-based workouts back to back, such as Heat’ and Lower Body’ to maximize their workout time.

Exercise can often seem like a prescription, something we’re forced to do but don’t necessarily enjoy. PiYo is a fresh and exciting new exercise system that – by focusing on linking movements, raising the heart rate and gently challenging the entire body – creates good results rapidly. What makes PiYo special is that the deceptively simple movements, undertaken with care, will deliver surprisingly rapid results, and the sessions themselves are paced just fast enough to be sure every student is working hard, but are accessible enough to ensure that nobody gets left behind.


For those who love to feel the burn’ but have developed impact injuries, for overweight or sedentary people who want to change fast, but aren’t ready to take on high impact aerobics or high intensity interval training, for pregnant women or those who have reached an age where they need to take care of their hips or knees, PiYo offers a real alternative.

Piyo Schedule Breakdown

What is a PiYo Workout?

piyo schedule

A PiYo workout is a combination of Pilates and Yoga that may help you lose weight, burn calories, gain more strength, and be more flexible. A PiYo Schedule is a workout schedule where you will have to do a PiYo workout a day except for rest days. A PiYo workout is just a 60-day workout program, and it is great for people who don’t really like high-impact workouts like jumping, push-ups, etc. This is a workout that excludes weight lifting or extreme and complex exercises, but it burns fat and can help you get toned or lose weight.There is a PiYo Workout Schedule where you will do each workout for a day. You would definitely need water for regenerating yourself, and a towel to wipe off some sweat. It is optional and up to you if you want to use yoga mat so that your knees or some parts won’t hurt, or a chair if you lose balance.

This is a workout that is more focused on losing weight than building strength. It only takes 45 minutes to 1 hour on doing these workouts, but it is a lot quicker than you think! It helps you increase your flexibility and strength. We have the PiYo strength and the PiYo base or the PiYo workout. It contains two different exercises, but the PiYo base contains 10 different exercises. You can start on a level that you feel comfortable with first. These workouts will show up in the PiYo Schedule. This workout challenges your body, but it would be worth it in the end. This PiYo workout is lead by a modifier that may help you learn better.

This PiYo Workout Schedule is for any person at any level, either a veteran or a beginner. Its first day will start off with Align or Align: The Fundamentals. So you that you will gain knowledge on every movement there is. You will not just learn it but you will also try it. In some PiYo workouts or PiYo exercises, you have to have the heat going on that will make you sweat like doing some lunges, squats, planks, or tricep push-ups. This series is called the “Heat.” It gets your heart beating and your blood flowing. Of course you would be given short breaks to rest. At the end you will have a cool down and do some stretches. You would have to do 28 days of a PiYo Workout Schedule a month.

Breakdown of the PiYo Workout Schedule

These 9 different exercise routines and 2 strength workouts here in this PiYo workout schedule can help you gain knowledge and understanding about its time duration and its benefits. The PiYo Schedule will help you a lot and it would just take 40 minutes of your day.

1. PiYo Base: this focuses more on flexibility and basic exercises.

a. Align: The Fundamentals (40 minutes) – this workout helps you start off well. It helps you get in the right posture or form. All the moves you need to know through your PiYo workout journey so that you will gain more understanding.

b. Define: Lower Body (20 minutes)– this workout helps you have toned and lean legs. It strengthens your lower body, from yourglutes to your thighs or hamstrings then to your calves.

c. Define: Upper Body (20 minutes)– this workout strengthens your arms, and can also work your core out. It can also help you shape your arms and sculpt your shoulders nicely. This workout has three different sections: Full Body Fusion, Core & More, and Strength Series.

d. Sweat (35 minutes)– this PiYo workout is a full body workout that helps you burn your calories and lose weight. It will really make you sweat, but you won’t feel bored with Pilates or yoga if you are not really a huge fan of it.

e. Core (30 minutes)– this 30-minute workout strengthens your entire core. It is divided into different sections. You would have to stretch your core or warm it up. This workout focuses on your entire core. It helps you build more strength and flexibility in your body.

f. Strength Intervals (25 minutes)– this workout alternates between moves of cardio and strength training. Hard core body weight resistance exercises and cardio movements that keep your heart raising are the main type of exercises that can be found in this type of PiYo workout.

g. Drench (45 minutes)– this makes you flex or stretch some parts of your body so that you will improve your balance, flexibility, and muscle endurance. Some people prefer to use a mat during this workout. This burns fat and will help your muscles to become stronger. It will also make your metabolism higher.

h. Buns (25 minutes)– this workout focuses on the glutes. This will lift and redefine your entire backside. It makes the lower backside of your body tighter so that you would have a perfect-shaped buttock.

i. Sculpt (30 minutes)– this PiYo focuses on gaining your muscle endurance. This uses tempos to keep your muscles under tension.

2. PiYo Strength:

a. Full Body Blast (30 minutes)– This PiYo workout is a total body workout that pushes your fat burning potential into work.

b. Strong Legs (30 minutes)– This PiYo workout would need the Beachbody strength slides to do some stretches like lunges and squats. This workout exercises your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quad. It helps you get lean and toned legs.

piyo workout

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 1

  • Day 1 Monday: Focus Align: The Fundamentals
  • Day 2 Tuesday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 3 Wednesday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 4 Thursday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 5 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 6 Saturday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 7 Sunday: Focus Define: Upper body

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 2

  • Day 8 Monday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 9 Tuesday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 10 Wednesday: Focus Core
  • Day 11 Thursday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 12 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 13 Saturday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 14 Sunday: Focus Core

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 3piyo-results-credit-beachbody

  • Day 15 Monday: Focus Define: Upper body
  • Day 16 Tuesday: Focus Buns
  • Day 17 Wednesday: Focus Core
  • Day 18 Thursday: Focus Define: Lower body
  • Day 19 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 20 Saturday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 21 Sunday: Focus Strength Intervals

Focus PiYo Workout Schedule Week 4

  • Day 22 Monday: Focus Sweat
  • Day 23 Tuesday: Focus Core or Hardcore on the floor
  • Day 24 Wednesday: Focus Buns
  • Day 25 Thursday: Focus Drench
  • Day 26 Friday: Rest and Record Your Stats
  • Day 27 Saturday: Focus Strength Interval
  • Day 28 Sunday: Focus Sweat
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