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What Causes Muscle Fatigue?



No matter how strong you are feeling, doing a few more extra rounds of pushups can be tough if the body is fighting against you. Yes, we’re talking about muscle fatigue, which develops due to several biochemical, environmental, nutritional and of course, physical reasons.

Muscle fatigue is the inability of the muscle to generate force due to pathological issues or continued periods of activity. The muscle starts functioning normally, but gets tired quickly and takes longer than usual to recover. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes of muscle weakness or fatigue. So stay tuned.

What Causes Muscle Fatigue?

Jane Kent-Braun mentioned in an issue of the “European Journal of Applied Physiology,” that muscle fatigue could be caused either by metabolic processes or due to the incompetence of the nervous system to communicate with the muscle tissue. Apart from that, impaired blood flow, loss of desire, and ion imbalance within the muscle can also lead to muscle fatigue. Below discussed are some of the causes of muscle fatigue.

  1. Anaerobic Respiration: To move a part of the body, our muscle doesn’t just need the energy to contract, but also oxygen to create this energy for muscle contractions. In the case of improper oxygen supply, the cells respire anaerobically, leading to the production of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main culprit behind muscle fatigue and pain. It accumulates in the muscle tissues and reduces the pH, making it more acidic. This causes a tingling sensation in the muscle when you’re exercising.
  1. Ion Imbalance: For proper contraction, our muscles need interaction between Ca+ ion and troponin. But due to intensive exercises, we lose the active molecules outside the muscles through sweating. This loss of active sweating changes the osmotic gradient, which makes it difficult for the Ca+ ions to reach the muscle fiber. This often leads to painful muscle contraction or cramp.
  1. Aging: Aging causes the decline of the ATP, CTP and myoglobin levels, thereby reducing the ability of the muscle to function. Besides, aging even shrinks muscle fibers and hardens the connective tissues, making the contraction slower and harder to achieve. To minimize this occurrence, one should exercise and be active throughout the life. It will reduce the impact of aging on the muscles significantly by supplying oxygen.
  1. Injury Or Trauma: Injury or trauma is one of the most common reasons behind muscle fatigue. Injuries or trauma like pulling, sprains cause bleeding, which damage the muscle fibers. This is followed by inflammation or swelling, which makes the muscle weak and tired.


  1. Illness And Infections: Another common cause of temporary muscle fatigue is infection or disease, which results in muscle inflammation. It’s quite easy to recover from muscle fatigue caused due to illness and infections, but if the inflammation is severe, then recovery can take a bit longer. It can even lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, commonly called CFS. Diseases which cause extreme inflammation include HIV, influenza, hepatitis C, glandular fever and Lyme Disease. Chronic diseases like peripheral arterial disease, heart diseases, anemia, chronic lung diseases and diabetes can also weaken the muscles.
  1. Nutrient Deficiencies: Our muscles need certain electrolytes and minerals to perform at the optimum level. So if you’re experiencing sudden muscle cramps and fatigue, you could be deficient in minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The said minerals are vital for the proper functioning of the muscles. You can reverse this condition by eating foods rich in minerals, such as milk, white meat, and pomelo.
  1. Metabolic Fatigue: The depletion of glycogen and ATP within the muscle reduces its ability to generate power contractions, resulting in muscle fatigue. Apart from that, accumulation of reactive oxygen species like Mg2+ ions also induces fatigue.
  1. Not Warming Up: Doing strenuous and intensive exercises without warming up can also lead to muscle fatigue. When you’re straight away exercising, the muscles get surprised by the sudden activity, leading to fatigue and cramps. Hence, you must stretch before and after every exercise routine. It won’t just prevent muscle fatigue, but will even improve your flexibility with time.
  1. Lack Of Use: Deconditioning or lack of muscle fitness is also a cause of muscle of fatigue. In this case, the muscle fibers are replaced with fat, though partially, which makes the muscles floppy. The floppiness makes it tiring to do things, which were once easier to do when the muscles were fit. Lack of muscle fiber usually occurs due to an inactive or sedentary lifestyle and can be reversed easily with a regular exercise regime.
  1. Loss Of Desire: Nerves do not just control muscle contractions, but even determine the sequence, number, and force of the muscular contractions. Most of the muscle movements need a force, which is below what muscles can generate. This loss of desire because of muscle soreness tend to have a strong negative impact on the muscle activity.

Muscle fatigue and weakness can be easily reversed with physiotherapy and exercises. But your first aim should be to prevent it, especially when it’s due to inactivity. It’s always great to be fit, regardless of the age.



We hope our article answered all the queries regarding causes of muscle fatigue. If you have any query, leave us a comment below, or look around the rest of our site to find other relevant topics!





How walking in nature enhances your brain and the body

How walking in nature enhances your brain and the body

nature walkers

Walking in nature enhances your long-term health and well-being. It provides a wide a range of mental and physical health benefits. But doing it in natural settings can provide a boost to the health of your brain.

As more people move into urban settings, the factors that contribute to health problems must be addressed early on. This infographic, created by Physiomed, highlights how walking in nature is a simple strategy that can go a long way in supporting your daily performance mental well-being.

Nature vs City Walking

There are differences between the health effects that nature walkers experience when compared to city walkers.

Walking in nature has been shown to decrease the amount of blood that flows to the areas of the brain linked to mental illness while city walkers typically experience an increase in this marker. 
The frequency of negative thoughts and rumination are lower in people who take regular walks in nature. Also, their memory and other cognitive functions can improve.

With as little as 20 minutes of walking in nature, you can reduce the amount of cortisol in the body. This stress hormone affects the immune and digestive system if it isn’t regulated properly.
Nature walkers can experience a reduction in blood pressure and their heart rates. This can also minimize the amount of stress that the body is under at any given time.

Disease Prevention Through Nature Walking

Walking in nature helps to prevent common diseases. Anti-cancer proteins increase along with disease-fighting cells.

The immune system becomes stronger, and you are less likely to suffer from illness. This is partly the result of phytoncides that are released by trees and plants. When these substances are inhaled, the immune system is enhanced.

Research also shows that walking in nature can be effective in treating symptoms related to mild depression, working as a natural antidepressant.
Individuals who live in close proximity to natural settings are less likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Use this infographic to learn more about how walking in nature can improve the health of the brain and the body. You can achieve total health through this simple strategy while preventing the onset of common diseases.

walking through nature

About the Author

Rebecca Hill works as a blogger and outreach coordinator.

She’s a graduate of York University, Ontario, and loves all thing tech, science, sports and DIY

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips for Summer

weight loss tips

It is the most wonderful time of the year…wait, wait. What? Sorry for that one. We are talking about the ten tips to look awesome this summer. Summer is here ladies and gentleman and that belly will not look good on the beach. That wonderful time of the year is gone and we will see how you can look good over the summer.

Stop Eating Fast Food

You need to stop eating fast food. Say goodbye to the Burger King and McDonald’s, completely eliminate fast food from your diet. You need to cook or get a wife to cook for you. This, also called junk food, will load you up with calories which are not going to get you that summer body that you want. Not to mention, fatty foods like fast food can cause some heart problems. If you get it out of your diet, you will start to look, and feel better.


We all love restaurants and eating out with our friends or family. The thing is that you can’t really know how the food is prepared. Instead, cook for yourself. By doing this, you can eliminate unnecessary amounts of butter, and oil, and you can save yourself some money in the process. Cook, grill, and bake for yourself, and you will know exactly what you are eating. It will take some getting used to in the beginning, and of course, food preparation takes time, but it will be worth it.

Leave your computer

This is the time of technology and it may be hard for you to admit it but it is what it is. We are addicted and it is not helping your weight loss. Recent studies have shown that eating while doing something else will make you unsatisfied. If you are a gamer the thought of getting out, let alone working out, may be hard for you. They even forgot to eat, so leave the computer and go outside.

Drink more water

Japanese have figured out the secret to weight loss, and I am going to reveal it to you. They have managed to live longer because of this common manner. When the get up in the morning, they like to drink four glass of water on an empty stomach. Doing this fills up their stomach with water, instead of food, which allows them to feel satisfied till lunchtime. If this is too much for you at the beginning, start with a one or two glasses and slowly raise the boundary. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water after a workout.

glass of water

Sleep like a baby

It’s very important that you get enough sleep, especially after days where you had a hard workout. The most muscle repair happens when you sleep, which means the more you sleep, the more you body can repair itself from a strenuous workout. In fact, the studies are showing us that people who sleep less, tend to gain more weight than people who sleep an adequate amount. Sleep is something that many of us overlook, make sure to break that habit if you want to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Start working out

Start your training today. If this is your first time making the decision to start working out, then this is all very new to you. If you’re not yet comfortable with going to the gym, then find a good home workout for yourself. Working out at home gives you the privacy that you wouldn’t have at a gym.

Be determined, push yourself farther than you think you can go. Start running, lift some weights, or simply go on a walk with some friends! Any activity is better than nothing. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you finish, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

Write down your goals

Write down your weight loss goals and do everything you can to meet them. Make a list of long term, and short term goals. Don’t get too extreme though, losing more than one pound a week is unhealthy, and is a sign that you’re not eating enough. Aim for anywhere from 2 – 4 lbs per month. Post your list where you can see it every day. Many of us set goals, and then forget about them because we get busy, or we just plain forget. Keeping them where you constantly see them will keep them fresh on your mind.

Drink Less Alcohol

Men, this is for you especially. I know you love to drink some beers on the weekends with you buddies, and maybe knock back a few during the week too. But you need to cut back on the beers if you’re serious about losing weight. Alcohol is full of calories. I’m not saying to cut it out of your diet completely, but limit it to 2-3 every week, instead of 5-10.


Spicy helps

Chilly peppers are hot and good for the metabolism in a way that it can speed it. Capsaicin is inside the pepper and that is why it is so hot. It may be dangerous to eat spicy food during the summer, but it may be the solution and it will help you with the tip number four. Also, spices are said to help with repressing hunger.

Enjoy Yourself

This is always a good tip and here it is at number ten. Doing something you enjoy, is always easier to do than something you don’t enjoy. So go out for a run, play football, basketball, basically every sport that you love. Change that laziness into motivation! Fitness is supposed to be fun, not stressful. It is always good to exercise, not just during the summer. Stay motivated, workout with your friends or family, and you will feel and look a hundred times better. Happy trails.

Body Beast vs. P90X – Which is Better?

body beast vs p90x

Home workout programs have become common among people because of the daily tight work schedules and high gym membership costs. Home exercise programs are convenient, because you will not need to travel to the gym. Also, you can choose a program that will best suit your needs. There are two fairly common workout programs, which include the body beast program, and P90X. this article will compare the differences between body beast vs p90x, to better help you choose a program that fits your needs.

What is P90X?

It is a workout program that aims at gaining entire body conditioning, without concentrating on any one area of the body. It includes the X stretch, and Yoga X routines that will strengthen your arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, as well as provide you with a cardio workout. This program will help you achieve overall general fitness, without focusing on specific body parts. It does not include bodybuilding exercises like serious weightlifting.


What is the Body Beast program?

This is a new workout program, innovated from the P90X program. Its main aim is to build muscle mass. This means that it focuses on specific body parts to strengthen those muscle groups. It involves intensive bodybuilding activities like serious weight lifting. It includes minor cardio workouts that are more in the p90x program. If you want to build lean muscle mass, the body beast program is the best option for you.

body beast program

Equipment Needed

When comparing equipment for body beast vs p90x, the body beast program will require quite a bit more equipment. For p90x, you will need a set of resistance bands, or dumbbells. You’ll also need a pull up bar. That’s all you’ll need to get incredible results with p90x. part of the p90x program includes pull ups and push ups, this is really the only time you’ll need the pull up bar. Everything else you will either use only your body weight, or the dumbbells.

For the body beast program, you’ll need a bit more in terms of equipment. It can be a little expensive if you get everything that the program tells you to. Also, you’ll need a little more space in your house for all the equipment. Things you’ll need are an EZ curl barbell, a set of dumbbells (preferably adjustable), a pull up bar, a stability bar, and an adjustable weight bench. You won’t need resistance bands for the body beast workout. I recommend all of this equipment if you really want to get the best results possible, but not all of it is necessary. You could get by with the dumbbells, pull up bar, and EZ curl barbell.

Workout Intensity

When comparing body beast vs p90x, you’ll see that there is a bit of an intensity difference in the workouts. In my opinion, the body beast program is designed to be more intense than P90X. Not to say that P90X is easy, because it’s not. But, body beast is really designed to break down the muscles in order to build them back up. Therefore, you’re going to need to push yourself to the max to get the best results. Whereas P90X is aimed at a more complete level of fitness, incorporating weight lifting, and cardio workouts.

Body beast workouts can last up to 45 minutes. This includes the warm up activities, and the short breaks during the workouts. Even though the body beast workouts are shorter than P90X, it requires a lot of energy, and taxes your central nervous system a lot. At the end of 45 minutes, you will most definitely be broken down.

body beast

Program Length

The duration of the program will be determined by what you want to achieve for your end results. You’ll see when comparing body beast vs p90x, both programs are 90 days long. Depending on what level of fitness you are at the start of each program, will determine how long you should do each program to get your desired results.

Which Program is Better?

When deciding between body beast vs p90x, it is important to understand the final results that you want to achieve. The p90x program is great if you want to maintain general body fitness, and achieve that aesthetic looking physique. The workout plan is pretty simple, and requires minimal equipment. If you would want to gain more muscle mass, then the body beast program is the better option. As far as the body beast vs p90x question is concerned, body beast is more serious about weight lifting. For me, that’s great, because as a man I want to build a muscular body. The body beast program will help me to do just that.

In all honesty, neither program is better than the other. It’s all about what you want to achieve as your end results. Comparing the two programs is like comparing apples and oranges, they’re both good, but they represent two different things.


So, if you haven’t figured out the point of this article by now, lets finalize our thoughts on the body beast vs p90x question. If you’re looking for a great home workout program that incorporates weight lifting, and cardio, then p90x is the better option for you. It will improve your overall fitness in a major way. And, if you want to lose weight, p90x is also a great program for that.

If you want to build a muscular body, and gain a lot of muscle mass, then body beast is the better option. I myself prefer body beast, because I love looking like I have a muscular body. Plus, I’ve found that the ladies prefer it as well.

Both of these programs are great home workouts, and will get you into great shape. Fitness is a journey that requires commitment, motivation, and lots of energy. It really all comes down to what you want to get out of the program to find out which one is better for you.

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PiYo Workout Online

piyo workout online

How to Stream PiYo Workout Online?

In an ideal world, any person can go to the gym every day and get the beach body that they want. Since we are living in the real world, we have to put up with squeezing several hours a week in at the gym just to convince ourselves that we are achieving some semblance of progress in our fitness regimen.

The PiYo workout online solves that problem for you by allowing you to participate in a low impact workout that you can do at home, or anywhere you please. According to the creator of the Piyo workout, Chalene Johnson, “you can sculpt your whole body without beating yourself up”.

What is the PiYo workout routine?

PiYo, as the name suggests, is a combination of Pilates and yoga. The piyo workout online is inspired by both of these popular routines, but does not strictly adhere to the same principles. To give you a better idea of what you get out of PiYo workouts, here are some moves you can try:

The piyo flip:

The piyo flip targets the chest, shoulders, arms, butt, and legs. Starting out in a plank position, you must bend your right knee to a 90 degree angle, while extending your right arm off the mat. Rotate your body into a side plank, reach behind you and land face up with you back bent. Repeat the rotation towards the other side (5 to 10 reps).

The PiYo Cross

The piyo cross targets the back, shoulders, abs, butt, inner thighs, and outer thighs. Start by standing with your feet wide open. Bend your body and form a W with your arms. Lower yourself into a sumo squat. Slowly stand up while rounding your arms as if you were about to dive into a pool. Return to your original position as you resume the sumo squat. (15 reps)


This looks to be the easiest of the sample exercise of the piyo workout online. As it requires you to maintain balance while moving your limbs asymmetrically. The workout targets the butt, abs, back, and hamstrings. Stand on your left or right leg with the opposite leg bent in front of you in a 90 degree angle. Your arms should be bent in a runner’s stance with one arm out in front of the standing leg. Bend your body until your torso is parallel with the floor.  (10 to 12 reps; both sides)

piyo workout

Why use the PiYo Routine?

As you can see, by combining the principles of Yoga and Pilates, one can move and stretch their body while working their core. The stretching part is related to yoga stances, while the movements are in line with Pilates reps.

Although it may look like a lot of work, it is a low impact activity that takes only a few minutes a day to complete. It can be done before and after your work, depending on which time is best for you.

Advantages of the PiYo Workout

Most routines require equipment of some sort. Even yoga and pilates call for you to buy expensive yoga mats and equipment. For the piyo workout online, you do not have to buy weights or an equipment. But you can enjoy shopping for workout clothes. Still, any loose or body forming clothing is fine as long as you are comfortable. The piyo workout also does not require any shoes.

When can I see changes after the PiYo workout?

Unlike other routines that promise unbelievably fast results, the piyo workout gives you a slow and steady progression, allowing your body to adjust to the workload that it receives every day. Luckily for you, trainers and physiotherapists can attest that physical changes to the body will be evident as early as 8 weeks, but only if you stick to the workout, and maintain a healthy diet.

Remember that cheat days can also impact your progress when it comes to working out. Binging out on 10 burgers one day a week pushes you back tenfold. That is why it is important to regulate the rewards you give yourself in terms of food as well.

Where can you get the piyo workout?

The piyo workout DVD’s are available only on the Beachbody website. The packages contains three DVD’s with 7 workouts that focus on basic movements, lower body exercises, upper body exercises, sweat challenges, drenching workouts, sculpting, and strength training. Apart from that, you also get free workouts that focus on your buttocks and your core.

You also get a quick start guide, a 60 day workout calendar, and a lean eating plan to accompany your workout. However, not everyone has a dvd player these days. You can try and wait for free streams from Chalene Johnsons newsletter, but the best thing you can do is subscribe to Beachbody on Demand.

beachbody on demand

What is Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody on Demand is an online streaming site that allows you to stream every Beachbody workout program. The site offers all access passes to the most effective workout routines, including streaming the piyo workout online.

When you subscribe to beachbody on demand, you get unlimited access to hundreds of beachbody workouts that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Watch it on your TV, mobile device, and laptop.

To get the complete package, the best package is the annual all access beachbody on demand and Shakeology challenge pack. It costs only $160, and gives you access to a world class training coach that will help you get that body that you want.

The program also includes nutrition guides, workout calendars, as well as exclusive all access passes to beachbody on demand events like Shaun week.

The Beachbody on Demand Community

Apart from the all access pass you get from your subscription, you will also be invited to participate in the BOD community, where participants and coaches discuss questions, new routines, and other fitness information.

How to Get BOD?

There are several packages offered by BOD. They cater to beginners, and advanced users alike. You can save up and start with the $57 a year plan, or you can go with the $38 a year plan. For those who aren’t sure yet, you can also go with the 14 day free trial. Click on the link to learn more about BOD.

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10 Tips for Fitting in Your Workout With a Busy Schedule


As the years go by, people are getting busier and busier. Many still have time to go to the gym, but are they really getting the exercise they need? Personal trainers all think that people should exercise at least 20 minutes a day. However, that time frame doesn’t really appeal to many people unless they are doing something that they really enjoy.

If you feel that you are really busy, you need to remember that your health should always come first. No matter how many deliverable s you have, those will not mean anything if you cannot reap the rewards because of poor health. That is why you need to make time, even just 20 to 25 minutes a day for a workout that truly leaves out stronger, and healthier. A workout such as the Focus T25 workout program would be great for this.

But how can you fit it in your schedule?

Here are some tips that may help you achieve that:

Schedule your day.

The point of being busy is that you are doing too much. Have you ever considered what you were doing when you were doing it? Write down your daily schedule and see which hours and times you can sneak in a short workout. When you write down your schedule, you will see how much rest hours you actually have. Rather than taking that all for yourself, set aside a few minutes so that you can at least workout before you rest.

Do the most important tasks first.

When looking at your schedule, it is important for you to start with the most difficult tasks of the day. Studies show that people who start with the big commitments have less stressful days, allowing for more quality time with their families as well as some much needed alone time. Once you are done with the big tasks, you will not feel guilty about adding a workout in between your daily tasks.

Let go of the minor tasks on your to do list.

When you list down all of the things that you have to do, you will choose which ones are the least important. If you can afford to take those out, or spread them out over a longer period of time, you can squeeze in some exercise time instead.


Delegate your work.

Most people are busy because they tend to take responsibility for all their work. Sometimes they lack time for themselves because they choose not to use their teams. Or, they are too hands on with their job. If this is the case, you must choose which tasks your staff can handle so that you can make time for yourself. Just make sure they are ready to work without you. Also, don’t put everything on them.

Optimize your chores for fast accomplishments.

Aside from work, people become too busy because of obligations at home. Like cooking, cleaning, or taking care of the kids or pets. To save time and leave room for exercising, you need to assess the work you need to do at home, and find a system that makes it faster, easier, and just as achievable. Do not skimp on cleanliness, or healthy eating. But, do find a way to do things faster. Like buy a slow cooker, assign chores to the kids, or find self dispensing feeders for pets.

Try out different types of workouts

Aside from arranging your schedule and choosing your best workout time, you can also test which workouts you like the most. You cannot just start going to the gym or running, and assume that it is the best workout. You need to test which one is the most engaging for you so that you will be less likely to give up. For example, the Focus T25 program is a fun and active whole body workout. It only takes 25 minutes, which means you can do it at any time of the day.

get fit

Find the closest workout area in your vicinity.

If you are too lazy to go to they gym, find a gym that is extremely close to your house, or along your way home from work. this advice is given by most health experts because they know that people are not psychologically equipped to go to a gym that takes too much work to get to. If anything, you can even set up an exercise area at home, or use the office gym.

Start an exercise group at work

This is a new fad that has been going around in corporate settings. Companies are scheduling exercise sessions like PiYo workouts for their employees at the end of the work day. It is not mandatory to attend. If you office does not have this, you can start your own group for after hours exercise sessions.

Meditate for at least five minutes a day.

This last part is a great addition to your routine. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Meditating allows you to relax and relieve stress, allowing you to harness more energy that you can use for your exercise routine. A healthy mind and body is a great combination because you get more done.

These tips are essential in giving you a fulfilling schedule, that will allow you to work on your health, mind, and body. It is not too much to ask yourself for time that can be invested in giving you a long and fruitful life. The best part is that by balancing your work and exercise, you get to be more productive, enjoy life, and become a healthier individual.



How to Pick the Best Home Gym

home fitnesshome fitness

The Best home gym is usually the one with the most equipment available to help you reach your goal. That’s the obvious answer. That being said, there isn’t a home gym that is going to be ideal for everyone. If you’re going to buy gym equipment for your home, you need to make sure you do your research.

There’s so much information available online. From the manufacturers site, to forums, or simply a blog like this one which is giving you free information.

We’re lucky that we live in a day that we can order home gyms online. Dozens of the best manufacturers sell their equipment over the internet. And most of the time, the online prices are going to be cheaper than getting it from a store front. So, purchasing online not only saves you money, but time as well.

Steps to Picking the Best Home Gym

The main step in choosing the best home gym is by deciding what fitness goals you want to achieve. Do you need to lose weight? Do you need to gain muscle? Are you searching for cardiovascular workouts or do you want to lift some heavy weight?

Determining your fitness goals is probably the most important part of finding the best home gym for you.

The Space You Need

Next, look at the amount of space that you need for the home gym. You’ll have several factors to contend with, the size, and the weight. When you need to make the decision, look for the equipment that will best fit your space, and leave some room to move it around as well. More importantly, make sure it will fit through your door! I’ve made that mistake before. If you do those two things, you should be good to go.

best home gym

Best Home Gym Equipment

Next, before doing any looking, you’re going to need to figure out what you’re budget is. The higher price doesn’t necessarily mean the better the quality of the equipment. Yes, the best quality equipment can be very expensive, but there’s also some cheaper, quality, alternatives as well. This is why you need to do your research to find what equipment will allow you to get the best bang for your buck.

When you’ve figured out your budget, try to go with a well known brand that has been in business for a long time. Avoid bargain brand home gyms since they don’t provide the amount of equipment needed to get in a complete workout. Also they’re usually made of inferior materials which have a high chance of failing.

If you’re simply looking for cardio equipment, I recommend a treadmill, elliptical, or biking machine. There’s are space, and cost efficient. Also, the BOWFLEX PR1000 all in one home gym is very space efficient as well.

If you have more room, add in some dumbbells and a couple of machines, maybe even a cable cross over machine. You could also through in some yoga mats, like the ones you would get from the PiYo workout.


Another thing to consider is the amount of motivation that you have. If you’re someone that isn’t capable of motivating themselves, then having a home gym may not be the right choice for you. When you go to the gym, it is easier to keep up with your workouts, because you put in the time and effort to actually go to the gym. But, this is much harder when you try to do this at home, where if you quit, you’re just a few steps away from being in your lazy boy chair.


Assembly Required

When we purchase a home gym, some assembly is going to be required once it arrives. The amount of assembly and how easy the assembly is, isn’t always that clear. Make sure to check with the dealer about how much, and how difficult the assembly is going to be before purchasing. If the assembly requires you to be a rocket scientist, perhaps you should choose a different home gym.

Read Customer Reviews

This one seems obvious, but you would be amazed at the amount of people who don’t do enough research. Since you want to buy equipment that is probably very expensive, then it’s always a good idea to see what other users think about the product. This way you will have more of an idea of how good the equipment is, how it will suit your needs, what issues it might have, and so on.

This is another reason that buying, or at least researching, online is the smarter option when getting a home gym. There’s so much information available about whatever it is your buying. You can look just about anywhere and find information about whatever you want. All you have to do is put in the effort and find it.

Importance of Exercise & Proper Nutrition

Importance of Being Healthyhealthy living

Due to the increase in the amount of people who are developing health related issues due to their weight, people are finally starting to watch what they eat, and monitor what kid of lifestyle they lead. People are cutting out the junk, and making healthier choices in terms of what they eat. This is good news. Doctors and physicians everywhere are also recommending that people exercise at least 5 times a week, to help control their weight. But, staying fit demands a level of discipline that most people simply don’t have.

Eating healthy

Let’s just be honest; this just sounds boring. Who in their right mind would forgo a Hawaiian pizza for a vegetable salad? However, it may seem dull, but this could save you a lot of pain and money in the future. The young generation should eat and exercise properly today so that they can prevent loads of lifestyle diseases in the future.

A lot of websites claim to have the “secret” as to how you can stay healthy. I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that complicated! Disclaimer, consult your primary physician before making any changes to your diet/workout routine.

Here are my best tips for staying healthy:

1. Make sure you have a balanced diet

2. Make sure you stay hydrated by taking plenty of fluids, preferably water. There are a lot of benefits to this, from preventing headaches to making your skin smooth

3. Avoid processed foods and junk foods that may contain cholesterol

4. Consume enough fruits.

5. Watch the amount of sugar you take.

For more specific instructions, like wanting to know what type of omega supplements you need to take, you need to ask your physician.

Exercise Regularly

Everyone should really try to make exercising a habit, as it’s scientifically proven to have MANY health benefits, with nearly no negative effects.

People usually complain that it takes up too much of their much needed time to hit the gym or go jogging. However, surprisingly this isn’t the cases. If you’re dedicated enough, all it would take is a few minutes of your time to get your blood pumping. One can take up cardio, which would take anywhere between 10-30 minutes. You could also hit the gym or jog around your neighborhood a few times. All these work wonders. It is advisable that you exercise at least five times a week. If you’re looking for a great workout routine that you can do at home, check out any of my Beachbody workout reviews on this website.

Importance of exercising regularly

1. It keeps you fit and helps you manage your weight

2. It helps your control your body’s cholesterol levels

3. It strengthens your muscles, bones, and joints

4. It helps you relax and even have better sleep

5. It lowers the chances of you developing various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes( type 2), some types of cancers and heart diseases.

Studies have also shown that exercising helps when it comes to dealing with depression. It also helps you keep your mind off things that may be bothering you, thus ensuring that your mind stays healthy.

How often should you exercise?

It is recommended that you exercise about five days a week, for around 30 minutes. You should make sure that you do moderately intense activities every day, and a few days a week, do extreme activities such as lifting weights, sprinting and the like. Alternating these two will give you great results.

However, exercising should go hand in hand with proper nutrition. If you want to burn fat or gain muscle, eating right gets you 80% of the way.

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