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Body Beast Eating Plan

body beast eating plan

If there was any workout plan that could turn you into a complete fitness beast, it’s the body beast workout. It is a 90 day body building plan to help you bulk up, and get absolutely ripped!

The workout along with the body beast eating plan, is designed to break down your muscles so that they grow back bigger and stronger. The body beast journey will push you, test your limits to give you jaw dropping results that you will be amazed by.

Like any other workout program, the diet plan called the body beast eating plan, is a highly detailed meal plan that breaks down everything you need to do for your diet.

The workout diet program is designed around weights and portion control, so it’s recommended that you have the following to get the best results:

  1. Dumbbells or adjustable weights
  2. Adjustable workout bench
  3. Pull up bar
  4. Meal prep containers
  5. Food measuring equipment

The body beast workout program is spread over 12 weeks, and is divided into 3 building blocks. After choosing whether you want a lean build, or mass, you can start with the curated workout plan.

Block 1 – Build

Phase Length – 3 weeks

This phase introduces you to workouts with weights, including super sets, giant sets, and single sets. The training method is structured to build strength and definition in your body.

The workouts under “build” target the following areas:

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Biceps
  4. Triceps
  5. Legs
  6. Shoulders

What to expect:

  1. This may be an introductory phase, but it is intense, and requires discipline. It’ll make your muscles sore for longer time periods, but the incredible workout burn will keep you pumped for the next phase
  2. You’ll start seeing definition in your body towards the end of the 3rd
  3. You need to consume 800 calories or above your caloric baseline with the body beast eating plan, which might take time to adjust to.

body beast results

Block 2 – Builk

Phase Length – 5 weeks

The game is amped up to a whole new level with more training methods, such as force sets, multi sets, and combo progression sets to push your body to develop more muscles and strength.

The workouts under “bulk” target the following areas:

  1. Back
  2. Chest
  3. Shoulders
  4. Arms
  5. Legs

What to expect:

  1. Your body beast eating plan will switch to cutting down calorie intake by 200-300 per day.
  2. Your body would look leaner, but you will also put on weight due to gained muscle.

Block 3 – Beast

Phase Length – 4 Weeks

You’ve reached the home stretch. The training methods are a mix of the ones in the previous two phases, and this phase introduces intense cardio to polish your physique and help you end this training program on a high.

The workouts under the “beast” phase target the following areas:

  1. Abs
  2. Total body
  3. Cardio

What to expect:

  1. With this being the last phase, you’ll feel yourself being more prepared for the intensity of the workout as compared to previous phases.
  2. With cardio being the big part of this phase, your stamina will see a big increase
  3. The body beast eating plan would require you to further reduce your calorie intake by 200-400 calories each day. You would be consuming fewer carbs in this phase to shed off any extra fat.

The diet plan is designed keeping in mind the goal to gain muscle and lost fat at the same time. The body beast eating plan that comes with the workout plan is extremely detailed. Sharing numbers on the most minute ingredients. The diet plan covers the various food ingredients, the portions you need, the supplements you require, the shakes to start your day with, every doubt that you may have about the meal plan at first glance is answered.

The diet plan consists of 5-6 meals a day. You start with finding your required calorie intake, with the help of the beast calorie calculator. Once you’ve found out the mandatory calorie intake, you can proceed with the relevant portion chart discussed in detail in the body beast eating plan.

Meal prep with the body beast eating plan can be quite taxing. Improper meal prep or not following your diet simply because it takes too much time can completely undo your hard work.

The following tips can help you manage your body beast eating plan effectively:

  1. Gear up with food measuring tools. portion control is extremely important in this diet, so don’t forget to purchase food measuring tools like a food scale.
  2. Always shop with a grocery list. We tend to use replacements available at home if we forget to buy a certain ingredient. Take your grocery list along so that you don’t miss out on buying what you need.
  3. Buy and cook in bulk. Many of the approved foods and ingredients can be stored, or frozen for long periods of time. You can take out one or two portions each week to get your meal prep done a week in advance.
  4. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Stick to consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season to get the best nutritional benefit. Any stored, canned, or frozen produce will have some sort of preservatives.
  5. Watch out for any sales. Buying healthy food is expensive, so don’t hesitate to use coupons, or buying things that are on sale.
  6. Remember the affordable food list. The following will be among the most inexpensive to buy. So, if you’re on a budget, save the food list below for more savings:

lean protein

  1. Eggs
  2. Chicken
  3. Lean ground beef, turkey, or chicken
  4. Nut butters
  5. Whole grain breads and pastas
  6. Cottage cheese
  7. Legumes (beans, lentils, ect.)
  8. Bananas
  9. Oats
  10. Brown rice
  11. Potatoes
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To get the best results with the body beast program, you need to follow every detail right down to the T. That includes following the body beast eating plan. Your body needs the right kind of fuel to burn the excess fat, and build your muscles.

Breakdown of the Body Beast Schedule

Body Beast Schedulebody beast schedule

In this breakdown of the body beast schedule, we’ll cover what each phase consists of, and what you should expect from each phase. Body beast isn’t an easy program by any means, and is a great program for people seeking a challenge. Each workout lasts roughly 30 minutes to one hour.

The body beast  program consists of three difference phases:

  1. The building phase
  2. The bulking phase
  3. The beast phase.

Before you even start the program, it’s important for you to determine what your daily caloric intake will be. You can learn how to do this in the programs nutrition guide. Once you have completed this step, you can move forward and choose one of the eating plans recommended to you in the nutrition guide.

Building Phase

The building phase is three weeks long. This phase is designed to ‘build’ your foundation for working out. Hence, the name building phase. For the body beast schedule in this phase, you will work out for six days a week, with only one days rest. This phase is designed to acclimate you to the different exercises. This is great for beginners who don’t really know what they’re doing just yet.

During this phase you’ll learn all the basics on what you need to do, in order to get the most out of your workouts. In the building phase, there are four different workouts:

  1. Chest and Triceps
  2. Back and Biceps
  3. Legs
  4. Shoulders

There are also two cardio workouts in this phase, which is great because cardio is very important.

Bulk Phase

Now, you can probably guess what you’ll be doing in this phase from the title. That’s right, you’re going to be bulking. This is good news for all you guys out there!

This phase is six weeks long, so twice as long as the build phase. You’ll also only be doing five workouts a week instead of six. But don’t let this fool you, even though you have an extra rest day, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier. You’ll be happy you have that extra rest day when you try the program and find out for yourself.

This phase contains five new workouts:

  1. Back
  2. Shoulders
  3. Chest
  4. Legs
  5. Arms

This phase is different from the build phase, in that workouts don’t target more than one muscle group at a time. For example, instead of hitting chest and triceps in the same workout like you would in the build phase, you only hit chest in the bulk phase.

I also recommend reevaluating your daily caloric intake before starting this phase. If you’re gaining weight to quickly (more than half a pound per week), then you should decrease your calories so you don’t gain too much fat. This is a mistake that I see a lot of people make during this program.

Beast Phase

This is the final phase in this program, but is considered by many to be the hardest phase out of the three. This phase is three weeks long, and contains significantly more cardio workouts than the first two phases.

This is the phase that you’re really going to see the most changes in. This phase rounds off the program by helping you get rid of the fat that you put on in the bulking phase, to reveal that six pack that you’ve always wanted.

In this phase, you’ll have three primary workouts:

  1. Total body
  2. Beast abs
  3. Beast cardio

You’ll also be decreasing your caloric intake during this phase. This is how you will get rid of the fat that you put on during your bulking phase. It’s also recommended that you increase your protein intake for this phase, so you can keep the muscle that you’ve just built.


Body beast is a well rounded 90 day program, and the body beast schedule is pretty easy to follow. If you want to find out more about body beast, read my full, in depth body beast review by clicking here.

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Body Beast Results – Does The Program Work?

In our Body Beast review, I’m going to go over why the program works, and why the program DOESN’T work. These things are important to know before you buy the program, because it could greatly effect your decision. It will also help you understand what kind of Body Beast results you could expect.

Why You Will Get Good Body Beast Resultsbody beast results

In my body beast review, I found out that the one of the biggest reasons that people like this program, is that it allows you to build a solid physique from your own living room. This should entirely get rid of the need for you to go to the gym.

The program uses some very well known training techniques, that have been used by bodybuilders for years, as well as some not so well known training techniques.

Body beast starts you off at a slow and steady pace, using lighter weight in the beginning, and working your way up. This will help you build a solid foundation from which to work with later in the program. Once you’ve built a solid foundation, you’ll start what is called ‘dynamic set training’. Dynamic set training is the concept of pre-exhaustion. During this phase of the training you’ll be doing a high number of sets with lighter weight. For the second phase, you’ll work into heavier weight, which is where you’ll build the most muscle.

In the body beast program you’ll be doing well known, basic moves. But, you’ll be doing them in a unique sort of way. In my opinion, the reason that Body Beast is so effective, is the way that the program has been structured. It gives you everything you need to succeed. It gives you step by step instructions for each of the workouts, a comprehensive nutrition guide, and it recommends supplements that you could take to get better results.

Another reason that Body Beast can be effective, is that it doesn’t require you to do the 6 workouts every week like the program instructs. If you don’t want to gain a huge amount of muscle, then you can choose to do only three workouts per week. This will allow you to still gain muscle, and strength, but you won’t pack on a huge amount of muscle.

To get the best results, it’s recommended that you eat plenty of lean proteins, such as chicken or red meat. Drink plenty of water. And get plenty of sleep. Apart from that, make sure you train hard every workout, and you will get great body beast results.

Why You Won’t Get Good Body Beast Results

As with many workout programs, it’s possible to get great results, and it’s possible that you won’t get great results. Some programs just don’t work for everyone. And this program is no exception. It is possible that your Body Beast results won’t be what you expect, even if you do everything right in this program.women body beast results

This program isn’t very friendly for beginners. If you don’t already have a pretty comprehensive understanding of lifting weights, then you might find this program difficult.

This program is also not really structured for women, even though women CAN do the program. This program is definitely geared more towards men, for obvious reasons.

The nutrition guide in the body beast program also recommends that you eat quite a bit. This can run up your grocery bill. It can also lead to you gaining quite a bit of fat, if you’re not careful about it. The program does however help you burn off the fat during the last phase, but I talk about that in my Body Beast review, so I won’t cover it again here.

Body beast is also very dependent on the equipment. So if you don’t have all the right equipment you’ll find it hard to get the best results possible. If you really want to make the most of this program, it’s highly recommended that you have all the necessary equipment. This can get pretty expensive depending on what equipment you buy. I would recommend getting adjustable dumbbells to cut down on costs. However, adjustable dumbbells can be fairly expensive if you get the high end ones.


Body beast is overall a great program. If you do everything that the program tells you too, then you will most likely get great results. If you’d like to read more, go check out my full Body Beast review by clicking on the link.

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