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Updated: August 9th 2018

piyo workoutIn this Piyo Review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the Piyo workout program. Fitness and physical health have become important topics in today’s day and age – and it is no wonder. Most people have become well aware of the daily stress of modern life, bad modern dietary habits, and environmental issues that affect our overall health and mood daily. It is painfully obvious that we all need a change of pace and lifestyle, in one way or another to make sure we remain fit all the time throughout our lives.

But the fact is that most people can not afford to invest either the time or the money – and sometimes both – to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to exercise on a regular basis due to some engagement they might only explain themselves. Many people have entirely valid excuses for not getting to the gym. From having two or three kids and their daily schedules to keep us busy to extremely demanding jobs, managing to find the time is a real problem. Those who might be able to find an hour and a half every other day for a run or to get to the gym will find that this adds a strain on their budget, which seems to be shrinking in the first place.

All of this is exactly what Chalene Johnson, creator of PiYo and several other fitness programs, had in mind when she put together this low-impact, high-intensity program to help in solving these problems. The gist of it, as Chalene Johnson and almost anyone who has tried it will tell you, is for absolutely anyone and everyone. Most fitness freaks will tell you that it is “too easy” or “not enough” for them and this, in large part, is true. Because PiYo was not created to be a typical high-intensity,  the fitness program for fitness freaks.

On the other hand, PiYo was not exactly created for absolute beginners either, although it is the perfect program for people with little to no fitness skills or aptitude, to begin with from their initial lives. This may seem a little contradictory, but that is what PiYo is a lot of the time. Chalene Johnson wanted to create a fitness regimen that could be done by fitness freaks and absolute beginners almost equally.

In short, fitness freaks can use the program as a supplemental workout or when they find their busy schedules allow less time for their regular hardcore workouts to make sure this help even those with very little time due to the nature of their jobs. Beginners, on the other hand, can use PiYo as their basic training program and, what is more important, the workout is not too hardcore and will not leave them too sore or too tired to keep up the pace every day or even several times a week.

One of the major problems with implementing a significant change in our lifestyles or starting a new fitness regimen, especially if our fitness standard is not so great, to begin with, is sticking to it daily, weekly, and monthly – or turning it into a healthy habit. PiYo solves this issue right off the bat. It is the best for I might assure everyone who might be in need to remain fit.

What is PiYo?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us get into exactly what PiYo is and really exactly how it works. Essentially, PiYo is a combination of yoga and Pilates, with added elements of dance and martial arts, all longtime favorites of Chalene Johnson and many other fitness fans that are outside there. The program is designed to really sculpt the body, slowly but surely, and one level at a time.

PiYo has been a part of the Beachbody workout collection for years and has been available as a DIY home DVD workout set, which is what most users seem to prefer. The workout is also available in several gyms throughout the United States and Australia and is slowly growing in popularity as more people find out about it.

This workout really works on carving a tremendously defined physique, minus the hard jumps, weights, and with minimal strain on the joints. This means that PiYo is entirely appropriate for pregnancy, people with rheumatism or other joint or back ailments. Like many other exercise regimens, PiYo uses your own body weight and teaches you to perform fluid, low-impact, but high-intensity movements derived from Pilates and yoga. The program is all about movement and the results really do become flat out visible within the first few weeks. The beauty of it all is that, because the exercises work on strengthening the core, cardio and almost every muscle in the body, the results are therefore long-term. Building these muscles and your core means that your body continues to be able to burn fat and builds endurance capabilities for the future.It is always said that the stronger the bones, the longer the life. With PiYo, you work every muscle in the body to ultimately stretch, stabilize, and strengthen every bit of the body that thereafter make your full body fit all the time.

The PiYo program is also designed to increase flexibility and stability. It manages to do this efficiently by using a very specific combination of Pilates and yoga-based moves to get you to achieve long, lean and toned muscles. Another important factor, and the reason that both pros and beginners can do this is that the pace is kept quick enough to burn unwanted fat. Intensity, speed, and fat-burning can be cranked up, depending on your fitness level, to get the desired results.

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PiYo is not exactly yoga followed by Pilates or a clear combination of Yoga and Pilates. The best way to explain the specific combination in PiYo is to say that the fluid moves of Pilates are worked into yoga-based poses, with the important factor of always staying in motion. All of this with absolutely no weight and using only the weight of your body, which achieves results without all the strain of most typical exercise programs.

The core of the program is based on a 60-day set of low-impact workouts from 25 to 45 minutes. With the fairly-priced DVD set and clear instructions, this should eliminate any excuse for not being able to exercise daily and reach those new health and lifestyle goals.


During our research tof other Piyo reviews, we found that PiYo is nothing like standard Pilates or yoga, which will both make you hold long, intense, sometimes difficult poses. It also does not make you do dozens of repetitive, core exercises like most cardio programs. PiYo speeds all of those long movements up, speeding up your results too. All of this significantly affects mood too and you will find yourself feeling as good as you will look in a few weeks. Obviously, aside from the fact that regular exercise does lift mood and the production of certain hormones that make us feel good, the fact that the physical improvements are visible within the first couple of weeks is a major game changer in the overall way we feel and see ourselves.

PiYo also increases flexibility and decreases pain for those who have trouble with movement, whether it is due to weight issues or issues with the spine and joints. This all contributes to the overall feel-good and look-good results of PiYo and is a big reason for the regimen garnering so many loyal followers so quickly.
No matter your weight, physical condition, body type, gender or age, PiYo will help give you dramatically visible, incredible results within weeks.

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Speaking of PiYo fans and mood status while researching, many PiYo users will often mention the founder of the fitness program, Chalene Johnson. Chalene is physical fitness authority, choreographer, business coach, best selling author, and entrepreneur, known for her energizing attitude and speech. Chalene Johnson’s voice and fast-paced talking is what you will hear throughout the DVDs and many have said that her voice is exactly what gives them the motivation to get through the workouts.

Chalene Johnson, along with her business partner and husband of 20 years, is a lifestyle powerhouse and a business expert, whom Huffington Post named among the Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017. She is a natural motivational speaker and enjoys touring to talk to people and motivate them, but she is also the founder of what she has dubbed the SmartLife movement.

Over the past couple of decades, she created several fitness programs and business coaching programs. Most of Chalene’s fitness programs were very high-impact and high-intensity, focused mostly on the mentioned fitness freak target group. She first made a big impact in the fitness world when she created a group exercise class that combined dance and kickboxing. This regimen soon developed into what she called TurboJam, a home fitness exercise program that was based on her exercise class. Since the huge success of TurboJam, Chalene has gone on to create several programs based on this combination, including TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle and, of course, PiYo.

Possibly due to the very wide target audience for this, PiYo seems to be her biggest success yet.

Aside from further developing other programs and business ventures with her husband and partner, Chalene still likes to hold her own classes and holds a PiYo class in her home state of California every Sunday.

Since the initial release Chalene’s PiYo program, Beachbody has also added online streaming of workout programs to its On Demand feature and this has also become a popular habit among PiYo fans.

The PiYo Diet Plan

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While PiYo is not one of those exercise programs that depend on a specific dietary plan, there is, of course, a recommended diet for an overall healthier lifestyle. With or without the exercise program, the diet is also independently one of the best ones created. This makes the two the perfect pair to a healthy lifestyle and a rocking, flexible, capable body. This diet even rivals the 21 Day Fix’s eating plan in terms of being easy to apply. Unlike the 21 Day Fix eating plan, however, you do need to measure your food in serving sizes.

The PiYo eating plan is based on whole foods but allows people to enjoy certain amounts of each food group and varied foods, depending on calorie needs and, of course, how much you’ll be burning. The five simple categories of food in the PiYo diet plan are:
1. Primary Vegetables
2. Secondary Vegetables and Grains
3. Fresh Fruit
4. Lean Protein
5. Healthy Fats

By including whole foods only and a varied selection in serving sizes, this diet plan helps people to go back to essential eating habits and learn to really appreciate the taste of real food over sugary or processed foods that have been all the rage for several decades now.
If anyone is wondering, yes other similar diets are completely okay to use with the PiYo fitness program. Of course, a specific meal plan isn’t even a requirement, although healthy eating is always a good thing, makes us feel better, and will yield better and faster results with the PiYo exercise plan. The major difference is the PiYo diet is a little higher in vegetables and grains than most others, and certainly more than in the average human diet.


The human body is created for movement, while most of us living in the developed world have fairly to very sedentary lifestyles. This can’t lead to good results when the body simply isn’t being used the way it’s supposed to be used. Here, we’re going to run through the core principles and pros of PiYo.

Movement – We should always be on the move and this is why most people seek out exercise classes like yoga and Pilates. But, ironically, these exercises require us to remain still and hold poses for what seems like forever. If you’ve felt irked by this slow, holding aspect of yoga, Pilates and other styles of exercise, but that cardio and weightlifting have been “too much” for you, then PiYo was, quite literally, created for you. It’s a great option for those who don’t like stillness and slowness of a yoga class and want to build strength and improve flexibility, without having to hold any postures for long periods of time. Movements in PiYO are choreographed and flow one into the other, building a sequence as you keep moving. This never gets boring and the time seems to fly when you’re never standing still.

Modifiers – In each workout in the DVD, aside from Chalene, there are three other people working out with her. And these people are not just a pretty backdrop or there to fill the frame. One of the three follows Chalene verbatim, with the same rhythm, speed, and intensity. Another does a somewhat easier version of what Chalene is doing and the last does a more intense, hard core version. Chalene and her team have gone to great detail to make sure there is something there for everyone. Working your way from the first person’s intensity to the last is as easy as just watching the DVD and doing what they do daily. The integrity of these moves has been technically preserved throughout, so you’re never really doing anything different than any of the other levels of intensity, but it has been scaled down (or up) to fit everyone’s needs and fitness level.

Built for Beginners – The workout schedule is also scaled for anyone and everyone. It starts out easy and then gradually builds up to more challenging workouts. For anyone who isn’t constantly active, getting used to a new routine can seem next to impossible. PiYo not only makes it easy but almost addictive, simply because it doesn’t leave you tired and too sore to get back into it the next day.

If you haven’t worked out in a while, waking up too sore to move properly the day after your first visit to the gym is a given and this is exactly what makes us give up before we’ve really started most of the time. We need a couple of days to recover then it’s back to the gym and waking up sore all over again the next day. After a few weeks, this all seems pointless and we desist. One of Chalene’s main focuses when working out the PiYo core routines was to fix this issue. Piyo will still will make you sore at the beginning, but just a little sore. Just enough for you and your body to know that you’ve done some work, but nowhere close to enough for you to have trouble moving or reason to give up. If you’re already working out regularly though, you may want to skip the first couple of introductory weeks and go straight for the more intense workouts. Just make sure to follow the schedule as it suits you and your body.

Chalene’s Attitude and Energy! – Chalene is like a wildfire and you can see it in her movement and hear it in her voice. If anything gets you motivated to move, it’s this woman’s attitude and voice. Chalene is obviously in great shape, but instead of making beginners or those in any worse shape than her feel bad about it, she really seems to inspire people to believe they can do as much as her, as well as her, or more! Chalene is also a mother of two and likes to keep things realistic. Her hundreds of thousands of followers on social media can often get a really realistic glimpse into her life and it is nothing short of inspirational.

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While all of the DVDs are nicely packaged and any related websites tote pretty sleek designs, Chalene gets real when talking live to her fans of on social media. She recently posted a photo to Facebook of herself in a classic PiYo pose, in which the photo was untouched and the consequences of two pregnancies clearly visible on her otherwise tight belly, along with a few lines showing around her smiling face and eyes. Real women like Chalene, who work to be fit but are unafraid to expose and proudly wear the imperfections of mortal life are incredibly inspirational factors and she seems to have worked this into the core of the PiYo philosophy – anyone can do this!

Our review found that PiYo is not for those who prefer military-style barking from an instructor. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find Chalene’s style far too mild and perhaps annoying. But if you prefer true encouragement and a cheerful, can-do attitude then prepare to become addicted to Chalene’s voice and tone.She will push you to your limits, but not while barking like a drill sergeant.
Warm Up, then Cool Down – The beginning of each workout features a quick warm up session. Most people like to start with Piyo in the morning, so it’s great to give your body a chance to wake up before getting it to move and keep moving. Workouts that you just jump into can e dangerous and lead to injuries, as any trainer in any fitness realm will tell you. Best to invest some time into a good warm up, lest you have to invest a lot of time in recovery. PiYo comes complete with warm-ups and a cool down session at the end, to help relax and get on with your day. The cool down is an excellent way to work on flexibility and relax before a long day.

Travel Ready, for Any Place, Anytime – PiYo really leaves you with zero excuses, not to workout or to break out of your workout routine once you have things rolling. It requires no additional equipment and demands very little space and time. The workouts range from 25 to 45 minutes, so even if you’re away on a business trip or on holiday somewhere, sticking to your routine is as easy as popping in a DVD or accessing the On Demand videos and doing a little PiYo in the morning or before you get to bed.


Length – As mentioned in this Piyo review, many of the workouts are super short compared to other fitness programs and this may be an issue for some who are looking to do more. On the other hand, you can always double up on these if you really feel like it, although adding a different fitness program to PiYo is also a good idea for more advanced users. If you find PiYo sessions too short or lacking the intensity you were looking for, use PiYo as a strengthening and flexing routine in the morning and hit the gym in the evening. If nothing else, PiYo certainly won’t get in the way of your other programs and works well with anything.
Advertising – If you’ve talked to people who have purchased the DVDs or access to the On Demand videos, you may have heard them complaining about this. There’s plenty of advertising and it isn’t really that bad, but it does break the concentration that is sometimes necessary for a good workout. Not a deal-breaker, but not thrilling either.

Less upper body workout – This might bother you if you’re in better shape and looking for a really well-balanced workout to perfect some spots. Then again, as mentioned in the beginning of this Piyo review, PiYo is not a targeted, high power workout and wasn’t crafted as such. There is a lot of movement, a lot of leg work, and not so much for the arms and chest to do a lot of the time. PiYo focuses on core, cardio, and overall strength building, so if you’re looking to buff up your arms and chest, you’ll have to add more.

Music – A lot of people tolerate the music in the background, but no one has been ecstatic about it so far. The music is a little milder, like typical rock ballads and most people prefer something more upbeat when exercising. Again, not a tragic, fault, but we believe we speak for everyone when we say w

e hope to hear better and faster on future editions of the DVD set.

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PiYo Breakdown

By now, everyone is probably wondering when they might get to hear more details about these magical 25 to 45-minute exercises that do wonders. Well, the best way to find out is to actually watch Chalene at work in the DVDs, but we’ll try to cover some of the basic descriptions here. If any of these sound too challenging, keep in mind that they were crafted to be the exact opposite – just easy enough for anyone to do – while providing visible, intense results quickly.
Upper Body: The upper body workout is a 20-minute workout that builds core strength and, clearly, upper body strength. It involves a combination of push ups, roll-ups, planks, side planks, and beasts. Not extremely challenging, flowing, intense, and over before you know it.

Lower Body: Similar to the upper body workout but much more reminiscent of yoga, this 20-minute workout has a vinyasa flow and includes triceps pushups, low lunges, high lunges, crouching crow exercises, warrior series and balance series. Super fun and over far too fast!
Sweat – This is one of the most important PiYo exercise routines and proof that the cardio bit of PiYo works. The 35-minute set focuses on core and lower body, includes a plethora of moving, flowing exercises in just over half an hour and will leave you heated and sweating in next to no time. This is an excellent workout that seems to work really well on target points that women tend to focus on – legs and booty.
Drench – For when the 35-minute Sweat routine just isn’t enough. If you’re looking to get drenched in just 48 minutes, then this is the thing for you. The Drench pretty much packs a full PiYo class into under an hour. It begins with Heat, including sun salutations, push-ups, and planks, then moves onto the Legs portion, with low lunges, Warrior 3, knee lifts, and speed skaters. Next, come Plank and Core, then Power with lunges, squats, and burpees, ending with soothing and relaxing Stretch. Drenched is what you will be after all of these – and feeling all the better for it.

Buns – This set is pretty self-explanatory and a favorite among many PiYo fans. The 28-minute routine is just a little challenging but leads to incredible results. A lot of squats and burpees entirely focused on lower body and one of the best leg workouts out there. Yields first result in just a couple of weeks and lead to amazing results over more time.

Strength Intervals – Using intervals to build core and muscle strength is just a typical PiYo thing to do. In just 22 minutes, this set includes a cardio blast to get the heart and circulation going. It also includes some leg work and then focuses mostly on planks and core.

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A Workout For Everyone

PiYo combines fine sculpting of muscles, firming the core with the well-known benefits of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga, with a lot of added flow and movement. Crank up the speed and it will satisfy the fitness freak, tone it down and you can keep up your fitness routine during and post-pregnancy. In short, PiYo leads to a lean, well-defined body with more flexibility and movement capabilities.
With every action-packed PiYo session, burn fat, define muscle, and define every part of the body, while avoiding aches, pains, and injuries. Regardless of age, physical condition or body type, PiYo helps you sculpt a visibly, dramatically different you.

The PiYo Package

Some people prefer the On Demand version, other like going to a PiYo class, but most like working along with the DVDs, whether in groups or individually. Because this is a favorite for most, let’s run through what that DVD package includes. There are two different editions of the PiYo program, both available on the Beachbody website, through coaches, and elsewhere online.

The basic PiYo DVD Package includes:

  • 3 DVDs of 8 PiYo workouts each
  • A Quick Start Guide to help you explore PiYo and figure out what’s best for you within this fitness program
  • The PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar, which helps guide you through the famous and effective core PiYo 60-day plan
  • The Get Lean Eating Plan, a really easy guide to eating healthy
  • he Buns Workout, designed to target glutes and hamstrings
  • Every DVD package purchase also gets 24/7 online support for absolutely any questions anyone might have when they’re getting started, but also for discovering how to connect with other PiYo fans
  • Bonus workout DVD titled Hardcore on the Floor that adds to PiYo if you’re looking for more.


To conclude this Piyo review, we’d like to congratulate you if you read this far! We know this is an extensive review, but we didn’t want to leave a single detail out of the article. If you did find this helpful, we’d love it if you shared this on social media, as it greatly helps out our site! Additionally, if you have any further questions, please leave it in the comment section, and I’ll reply as soon as possible.