Insanity Max 30 Results

Insanity Max 30 is a home workout program designed by Shaun T. According to this program, you work out with guidelines for a DVD and videos streamed online. Your aim is to work out constantly for 30 minutes at an intensive pace until, at the end of 60 days, you see the results. While there are a lot of workout programs out there meant to cut down the time and cost you need to work out, Insanity Max 30 has lots of success stories to its name. The results of this exercise routine speak for themselves as seen here.

insanity max 30 results


Back in 2014, Dan was battling depression, obesity, high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. He had tried to regain his life but the main hurdle he faced was his lack of motivation. He would try out some workout programs which worked for a while but, as his antidepressants were withdrawn, it became even more difficult dealing with his condition. When he came across the Insanity Max 30 results on online platforms, he knew he had found a way out of his predicament. In just 60 days working with the program, Dan was a different individual. He lost 50 pounds, 25 inches and gained a lot of confidence in life. Visits to the doctor showed that he was healthier than he had ever been in his life all thanks to the Insanity Max 30 workout routine.

Lori Dargis

If you thought impressive Insanity Max 30 results are for men only, think again. Lori Dargis had gained more weight than she could feel comfortable with following the birth of her second baby. Before the pregnancy, she was an active lady doing lots of cardio workouts to keep her great shape. Once the baby was born, Lori was depressed that her strength, shape and endurance were all gone. Particularly, she was sad that her stomach muscles and arms were too weak for simple workouts. When she embarked on the Insanity Max 30 program, she lost 8.5 lbs in the designated 60 days. Not just that, she regained her shape, strength, and endurance as she always wanted.

Elizabeth Parsley

Another great example of the Insanity Max 30 results is that of Elizabeth Parsley. Mrs. Parsley was in good shape before she became pregnant with her daughter. Due to pre-eclampsia and hypothyroidism, she would gain lots of weight and lose shape during her pregnancy. In her state, there was little she could do. Upon her daughter’s birth, her husband left for a military deployment. This left her depressed and unmotivated to do anything with her situation. When she discovered the power of Insanity Max 30, its results and success stories around it, she gave it a try. To her astonishment, she lost 53.3 lbs in 60 days! She currently weighs less than she did before she became pregnant. Besides that, her stomach bulge disappeared, she became stronger, more confident and looked great in her new clothes. When her husband came back from his military assignment, he found not one, but two beauties in his home.


Stress drove Arnaldo to gain weight and generally neglect his health. His two children were born. Then he lost his job and house. He decided to go back to his native Puerto Rican home. He would quickly increase in weight with his wife facing the same problems. His wife, noticing that he was going down an abyss, chose to find out what could salvage her husband and their family. That is when she came across the Insanity Max 30 results and testimonials. She recommended it to her now-skeptical husband. After a while, he decided to give it a try. After the first 60 days of the program, Arnaldo was the best version of himself. Not only had he lost 56 pounds, but he was happier, more confident and ready to face life again. This new version of himself regained his home, found a new job and is now giving his family the best life they can live.

insanity max 30 results women


Tyler Holsomback used the excuse of a busy schedule to neglect his health. He would lose his shape due to his poor diet and lack of physical exertion. One day, as he was suiting up for work, he looked into the mirror and noticed that he looked very different from the wrestling champion holding a trophy just beside the mirror. That moment set him on a path to read about the Insanity Max:30 results. Soon, he was maxing out with the program. In eight short months, Tyler and lost more than 105 pounds and looked better than he had been in his high school wrestling days. He even enrolled with the local baseball team to keep his body in prime shape. Asked what miracle occurred to him, he gives it a laugh and says “no miracle, just maxing out.”

Alcola Twigg

It is one thing trying to cut weight and regain your shape, and another thing when you have so many obstacles in your way. For Alcola, having five kids, four C-sections and having gained weight were just but a few of the hurdles in her way to regaining her life. She would frantically seek online for a program that actually worked for her situation to no avail. That is until a friend who had read and given the Insanity Max 30 results heed recommended this routine. Believe it or not, Alcola lost all the excessive weight, got her shape back and now has a stunning body few mothers of five can dream of.

In Conclusion, few workout programs can achieve the Insanity Max 30 results seen here and in many more cases. Most gym sessions are expensive and take quite long to yield any visible results. Some people do not even get results with gym sessions. With Insanity Max 30, you only part with $39 every four months with results being seen in as early as 60 days or less. Besides the small fee, you won’t incur any more money on gym equipment since the only equipment you need is yourself. Working out can never get simper and more effective than this. Try it out!