Gym Gear Essentials for Men and Women

Gym Gear 2

With the beginning of 2018, most of us are planning to hit the gym and melt the extra pounds we gained over the holidays. But many excuses come in the way; one such reason is “I don’t have the right gym gear.” The importance of the perfect gym wear can’t be stressed enough. It isn’t just necessary to make you look stylish, but it affects your performance. This guide will talk about the essential accessories that you must keep in your gym bag and how to make the correct selection.

Performance Fabric- Which One to Choose?

There are different clothes available according to the type of workout you’ll be doing. For instance cotton, polyester and spandex are suitable for yoga or stretching, for heavy exercises the ideal material is Nylon. It is lightweight, durable, absorbs sweat and dries fast. Keep in mind that your entire clothing including the jacket, top, shorts and even socks need to be made of performance fabrics.

What to look for in the perfect gym shoes?

Buying the perfect shoes is also vital for an efficient workout. If the shoes aren’t comfortable, they might cause injuries and will make even 20 minutes of your exercise unbearable.

  • Comfort should be your utmost priority; the shoes need to have padding made out of good quality foam that keeps your feet cushy. EVA and Thermoplastic Polyurethane are two types of foam that most popular shoe brands are using.
  • They should be durable, light-weight, offer higher energy return and resist temperature. Cross-fit shoes are the new trend as they can withstand heavy workouts, so look for comfortable cross-fit shoes.
  • Also, your new sneakers must be a perfect size; you should be able to slide your feet out. Make sure there is space between your largest toe and the shoe, so you don’t feel pressure if your feet swell. Socks are equally important for your feet; choose the kind that offers greater traction in your shoes.

The Must-Have Gym Accessories

For Him:

 Shirt/Pullovers, Shorts/Compression Tights

So for guys to dress up comfortably, the perfect attire would include a compression shirt that helps improve circulation. Look for fabric that wicks moisture, dries out rapidly and gives you the perfect fit. A pullover hoodie or sweatshirt is a better option than a tee, especially in the winters as it will help keep your body warm. For shorts buy the kind that has pockets and is stretchable, so it doesn’t hinder your exercise. They should be loose and reach just below your knee and not lower. Compression tights are again an excellent option for keeping you warm and boosting blood flow.


For boxers purchase those made of performance fabrics. Don’t wear your regular cotton briefs as you don’t want them to make you less efficient. Make sure the material is sweat-wicking, has a secure fit and is flexible.


Wearing the proper gloves is crucial as you don’t want for your hands to get injured during the heavy workouts. Make sure that the gloves provide you the perfect grip, are durable and breathable.

Gym Gear

For Her

Waterproof Jacket, Tank Top, Gym Pants/Shorts/ Leggings

Like I mentioned earlier for all types of clothing the choice of fabric is crucial. For the jacket try to buy something that has zips and pockets to let the moisture dry quickly. With the advent of technology, you can now find jackets and pants in materials that glow in the dark and have the ability to prevent bacteria and keep you smelling fresh. For tank tops make sure it fits you perfectly and always keep an extra one in your gym bag.

Sports Bra

You need the correct size to save you from an episode of wardrobe malfunctioning. Try it on and see if it is comfortable, gives you the sleek fit and offers the perfect support.

Gym Shades

A major dilemma for people who wear glasses is keeping them on during a workout and protecting the eyes from the sweat falling off your forehead. There are two solutions; wearing a headband that holds your spectacles in place or the best one is buying “Gym Shades.”  Look for ones that prevent your eyes against the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and don’t break into tiny pieces if they fall off.  Being water repellant is an added advantage.

Pre-wrap Headbands

It gets annoying when you have to set your hair with pins and bands continuously. If you are tired of the constant battle with your hair, pre-wrap is just what you need. It holds your hair perfectly and lets you have a peaceful workout session.

BB Cream and Lip Balm

So you have to go to dinner with friends immediately after gym, no need to worry as these two will help you get ready in no time. The BB cream will moisturize your face whereas the lip balm will keep your lips hydrated.



Common Items

Water Bottle

This one is a no-brainer, but I still want to mention it. You need to drink water during the warm-up session, workout and after it. If you’re going to stay hydrated and fresh, get an infuser bottle. You can add fruits, certain veggies, and herbs to your regular water to multiply its benefits.

MP3 Player

Exercise with music makes the perfect combination. Buy an mp3 player that you may clip to your clothing and isn’t too complicated to operate.  As for headphones, most brands have introduced sports headphones that are sweat-resistant and can be used to switch between music and calls without much fuss.


You don’t want to leave the gym with sweaty hands and feet, so this is a must-have. The best material these days is microfiber. Towels made of microfiber are incredibly hygienic, super compact, absorb sweat, and dry out in seconds.

Wrist Straps

To ensure traction on the weight bars, use wrist straps made of leather. They’ll prevent your grip from failing while fatiguing the muscles. They should be comfortable, padded to avoid calluses and should be safe to use.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

It is best to leave your gym after you’ve freshened up post-workout. Carry a small bottle of these toiletries so you can take a quick shower at the gym. If there isn’t water available, then dry shampoo will come to the rescue.

Facial wipes

They offer a quick clean up solution if you are not in the mood for taking a shower.


You don’t want to smell like sweat after your workout session, right? Keep a deodorant in your gym bag so you can freshen up. Look for the kind that reduces perspiration and provides odor protection.