Focus T25 Review – Get My Unbiased Review of Focus T25

Focus T25 Review

 This is going to be my honest, unbiased T25 review. Be honest, have you ever tried to lose 20-50 pounds or pack some muscles in vain?  Almost everyone is always looking for new,focus t25 better ways to look, feel or even live better these days. Unfortunately, our quest to look and feel good, and flaunt well-toned, slim body ends up in awful disappointments.

So, if you are among the few smart health conscious minds, you know you just can’t sit there while your body continues to pack layers and layers of fat.

You don’t have to spent hours on end at your local gym facilities, purchase thousands of dollars worth of equipment or starve yourself to death.

At least, you can do better than that.

I’ll tell you in this T25 review, how you can now easily achieve the bod of your dreams by working out for ONLY  25 minutes in a day.   Interestingly, you can do all this in the comfort of your home – in fact in front of your TV.

What is Focus T25 program?

This is a 25 minutes only high intensity strength training program by Beachbody, an American multinational that puts  proven fitness tools in your hands.  The program is designed to give you the same perfect weight loss results as the old, 45-60 minutes Insanity program. We’ll read more on this later in the T25 review.

You have to take note though; this is not your typical bulk up type of fitness program.  It was designed to target specific areas in your body, and thus help you burn fat and tone your muscles.

The program was developed by a world-renowned fitness expert and personal trainer, Shaun-T.  Shaun  is also  the brain behind the extremely popular, but tough fitness program, Insanity Program which has so far received rave reviews across the board.

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 Who is this Focus T25 Workout Program For?

Okay, just anyone who hates going to the gym every day or doesn’t have time for the gym anymore.  If you don’t have the luxury of time, you don’t have to conclude that weight loss isn’t in the cards right now.

Focus T25 was designed for anyone that wants to shed pounds and doesn’t have all the time on their side.  The program developers, Beachbody, literally condensed around two hours workout into a mere 25 minute workout program.

That’ means ANYONE including you can find time to workout.  Whether you are a busy mom working 50-60 hours a week or a high-flying executive who forever runs short of time, this program is for you.

 Why Is The Focus T25 Program So Effective?

There is nothing more saddening and scary thing about working out than failure to achieve your goals.  But, today’s fitness market has been filled with whacky products that are meant to squeeze out $$$ from desperate consumers.  And, not helping you achieve your next weight lose milestone.

Many of us go to the gym expecting to slide in shape within a few hours of work out. Unfortunately, most of us end up adding weight or not changing at all. Some are lucky enough to succeed and have an athletic fit body that slowly fades away forcing you to live in the gym.

You agree with us nobody likes to find themselves in such a situation?  

The Focus T25 got its name from Shaun-T’s craving to combine the best workout combinations to come up with a foolproof, fat-scorching 25 minutes, t25 workout program.   Specifically, he targeted those workout combinations that would allow muscle gain while burning most of the fat in the body.

Interestingly, it’s quite hard to find a bad T25 review anywhere on the internet.

Who cannot afford to spare a mere 25 minutes to get into shape? The program suits every person, I think you’ll come to realize that in this T25 review. And, especially the busy people who have little free time. You do not need to buy any equipment. Once you buy the program, your order comes with a kit that packs everything you need to hit the ground running. The kit consists of a guide on how to start your routine, what to eat and how to record your progress. Thus, making  the program cost- friendly compared to other programs.

There is a 30-day refund guarantee if you won’t experience any jaw-dropping changes after a month of intensive training.T25 Review

Once you purchase the workout, you are assigned a trainer or coach who will help you throughout the training. There is a dedicated online community comprising of fitness gurus and fitness freaks who have undertaken the program.  They are always ready to offer guidance and a word of encouragement.

Moreover, it comes with workout calendars for Alpha and Beta phases and a nutritional plan that is hardly, if ever offered in gyms.

Thus, this T25 review should be showing you why this is the perfect workout for those who want to quickly lose weight.

But, you have to keep this at the back of your mind: nutrition is everything when it comes to successful weight lose and packing on some muscles on your body.

What does this mean to you?  You won’t be successful with T25 if you ignore the dieting part of it. The whole plan is meant to help you burn more calories than you consume. If the program has not worked for you, you may like to check on that.

Besides, several researches have been done in recent years, which seem to  favor the short extraordinary exercises unlike the more drawn out exercises.

These short exercises have been shown to especially when the goal is to do away with a lot of fat.

According to a Focus T25 review by Dr. Melinda Ratini, of WebMD:

“Focus T25 is awesome when you are searching for a regimen that works all the real muscle bunches, including your core muscles, and ensures you get all the high-impact practice that you require every week. It’s all concentrated into only 25 minutes a day. No matter how busy you are you, if you have only 25 minutes to spare, this program is good for you.”

To achieve amazing results, learn how to warm up and cool off your body.  Also, you need to understand how to work out at the pace you feel comfortable with and also stretch out often to prevent tightening of your muscles.

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Why It Doesn’t’ Work… For Some Peoplefocus t25

Focus T25 is a serious program! It’s a bit different from other programs you might have undertaken. Putting it in black and white – it is exceptionally extreme.

Allow us to break this to you, this program is not for you if:

  • You decide to perform a handful of 30 sec repetitions of a particular workout and expect results from it. That won’t happen.
  • You if you hate pushing hard or sweating.
  • If you try to keep up with the pace instructor. Chances are you might tire up along the way and give up on the program all together.

It requires commitment, dedication and faithfulness to the programs schedule if you need to experience any change. Similarly, it requires willingness and mental power to break a sweat.

Because, every single serious exercise can easily lead to muscle straining or injuries.

So don’t just order your Focus T25 DVDs and bounce right into the work outs thinking that   it will easily whisk you into shape.  We suggest that if you have not been exercising for a long time, you modify the program to allow you to go at your own pace.

You can start with a more direct exercise and afterward. Once you are fully prepared you can utilize FocusT25 to get your body in top shape.

Always watch the methods you use. Always warm up and cool off. It pays.

The Perfect Workout Program For Busy People!

Focus T25 is an excellent, 25 minutes high-intensity cardio exercise. It’s perfect both for the experienced users and beginners. Even if you have not been active for a couple of years.

So, you don’t have much time at your disposal yet you need to streamline your exercise time and faithfully undertake all your work out sessions?  You might need them to be as quick, basic and powerful as could be reasonably expected.

That’s exactly what T25 is all about.

This program is perfect for you if you would prefer not to spend couple hours each day working out.

The program takes away less than 30 minutes of you busy schedule.

Besides, you don’t need any noteworthy equipment. So you can fix the workout anytime that is convenient for you, five times each week.

 What do the workouts involve? Do they require equipment?t25 equipment

I’ve covered this in my other T25 review as well, but Focus T25 is a DVD workout series from Shaun T, the trainer who created the Insanity video workout series. The program has basically three cycles each with their respective workouts. T25 program is designed entirely to be performed indoors, meaning no weight lifting.

However, Focus T25 does have some weight training workouts. That means, at some point, you will have to use a resistance band or supply your owns set of dumbbells.

Luckily, for you, the new Shaun T’ program, Focus T25 comes with a 15lb B-Lines resistance band as gift to you. So, unless you are a dumb bells guy(which are a bit of investment), you  can  put that money  to other uses.

  • The first cycles – Alpha cycle – is designed to build solid foundation for your fitness and prepare you on your way to getting in shape. The work out are a lot easier and friendly to new users. Some of the workouts in this phase include:  Cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, Abs interval, and lower focus.

Cardio focuses on the lower abdomen, and so does abs interval. Lower focus works on the lower body mainly on thighs. Speed 1.0 focuses on the legs making you more athletic and much lighter. Total body circuit focuses on the upper part of the body.

Now, this phase targets the arms, legs, back, and the core. The arms are strengthened by doing planks. It requires your hands to support your body weight. Kicks and jumps strengthen your legs. The abs interval includes exercises fit for the back. Abs intervals and some core exercises work to strengthen the abdominal muscles. These exercises are intense and enhance body strength.

  • The second five weeks – Beta Cycle – are more strenuous. After five weeks of the first month, you qualify for the next stage, the Beta Phase. Beta phase has five workouts: core cardio, speed 2.0, Rip`T Circuit, upper focus and dynamic core. They are more intense but the body is well adapted. Moreover, this phase comes with a nutrition plan that helps you achieve quick results. Expect to lose an average 3 pounds in this phase.

Total body circuits orientate the beta phase, the warm ups are more difficult and exercises more tedious and intense. This phase contains five exercises: core cardio, speed 2.0, Rip`T circuit, dynamic core, and upper focus.

The workouts still take 25 minutes but Fridays is a double day, which means you have to perform two sets of exercises. There is a cool down set between two minutes. The exercises are less challenging due to the routine of workout laid by alpha phase.

  • Gamma Phase. This workout   is optional. And is sold separately. Weights are used here. The training focuses on building strength. The schedule is a little more extreme. Its` exercises: Rip’T up that works on the upper body fully. Extreme circuit burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. Then the  pyramid that is more cardio and speed 3.0 that is an enhanced pace.
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Are the Shaun T’s workouts too hard for beginners?

No. Not at all. But if you are a beginner, you need to pace yourself. Don’t try to keep up with the coach on the DVD. Focus on your own workout. And, you’ll definitely be able to achieve your body shape and size of your dreams.

Focus T25 reivew, allows you to perform great low impact modifications to help you build your strength and stamina.  As you begin to get stronger you can increase your intensity.  You will still get results from doing the modifications, but in a different level compared t the other more experienced users. But, you’ll still be able to burn calories and it will be effective.

However, if you want to achieve greater results, don’t shy away from pushing yourself harder.

What are the Items Included In the  Focus T25 Program?

The Shaun T’s Base Kit comes with:

  1. 10 Workouts
  • Alpha: Total Body Circuit –the program focuses resistance and strength without having to lift a single weight.
  • Alpha, Speed 1.0that contains a fast paced workout that ignites your quickness, helps burn fat in your body and thus gets you fast results.
  • Alpha, Cardiowhich is a sweat drenching and calorie burning cardio based workout.
  • Alpha, Lower Focuswhich focuses on the lower abdomen It helps kick up your metabolism burn fat especially on the abs. At the same time, it keeps you focused while working your lower-body muscles.
  • Alpha, Ab Intervalswhich will involve spending a couple of minutes on the floor doing ab workouts punctuated with quick cardio recovery workouts in between. The Ab interval routine is important in that it helps you shred the fat from your midsection and still get you the abs you have always dreamt of.
  • Beta: Dynamic Core is sort of dynamic crazy core routine that takes you from horizontal to vertical  and  back .
  • Beta: Core Cardio, a progressive cardio-core designed to get your body shredded fast. Now here is where you’ll “get your sweat on”.
  • Beta: Speed 2.0, now this one is intended to rev it all. That means taking it all the way up with Shaun’s calorie- burning, speed drills.
  • Beta, Upper Focusspecifically designed to help you develop the upper body you have always dreamed of. All you need to do is focus.
  • Beta: Rip’t Circuit– which is another powerful workout comprised of upper body, cardio, upper body and abs that you do on repeat. The essence of all this is to take your body even more shredded
  1. Then there the Bonus Tools:.
  • Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars. These calendars take out the guess work so that you don’t miss anything. They guide you on the particular workouts you need to do every day.
  • Free Online Supporttools that keep on motivating you with ’round-the-clock access to reliable peer support and fitness gurus.
  • Quick Start Guide which helps you to easily get started by laying down a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your best results.
  1. Lastly, The Free Gifts:
  • 24/7 Online Support which keeps users motivated with  by offering round-the-clock access to peer support and  fitness experts.
  • Stretch Workout. Very important. After completing 5 days of hard work, you need to stretch out your body and relieve those muscles with a 25 minute long stretch out program.
  • B-Lines Resistance Band (15 lb) – This is the only equipment that comes with your order of the Focus T25 program. The line resistance will assist you in burning fat faster.
  • 5-Day Fast Track – It’s not easy to achieve your desired body size with this 5-day meal plan. 5-day Fast Track gives you a jump start you need on journey to weight lose.

The Gamma cycle is in the deluxe package and lasts 4 weeks.

  1. Then, there is the T25 Nutritional plan

Basically all programs that help you achieve a beach body have an approach that considers excellent performance and general healthy body. They do not focus only on a set of exercises.

It is the same thing with this program, Focus t25. Nutrition Guide  is designed to make your eating simple: Just 5 meals a day. The meals are to be prepared using 5 ingredients that take 5 minutes to prepare

The package also contains guidelines and diet plan that lay down your new eating habits. This program advocates for rationing of the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in such a way that you end up consuming forty percent of proteins, forty percent carbohydrates while the others are fats.

You also get a quiz pertaining calorie intake. The quiz helps you to establish the number of calorie intake in a day.  Another great thing about the program is that it gives you a  list of twenty-five foods that are essential for your health and you should always have them at your home.

The guide also addresses three primary questions in our quest to attain good health: What if you have a craving for food, what is I feel hungry when it is late, what if you want to double the intensity of your workout?

But here is the bottom line:  if you want to achieve the best results, you have to stick to the workouts and the meal plans as advised in the guidelines.

 Break Down of the Focus T25 Schedulet25 schedule

I’ve talked about this before in my other T25 review as well, but Focus T25 is basically a 2 month program consists of two main phases: Alpha and beta and another optional phase, the gamma.  Each phase has its own work outs that require 25 minutes daily.

However, the intensity the workout increases as you move from one phase to another. With the gamma phase paralleling the Insanity program by the Beach body. Moreover, the third phase, Gamma phase, an additional work out program that is sold separately.  The third phase has 4 disc programs designed to help you take your exercising/workouts to the next level.

Now, the work out begins with Alpha phase which consists of cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, Abs intervals, and Lower focus. The work outs are spread out on weekdays with weekends being for rest. On Saturdays you are required to record your progress. Sunday is a rest and stretch day.

Focus T25 Review – Alpha phase Schedule.

The alpha phase takes a month before you move to the next phase.  Here is the breakdown of what happens in the first month into the program:

Week one: Monday- cardio. Tuesday- speed 1.0, Wednesday- Total Body Circuit. Thursday- Abs workout and Friday – lower focus.

Week two: Monday- cardio, Tuesday- Total Body Circuit, Wednesday- speed 1.0, Thursday- cardio, and Friday – Abs intervals and Lower focus.

Week three: Monday- Total Body Circuit, Tuesday- speed 1.0, Wednesday- Lower focus, Thursday- cardio and Friday- Total Body Circuit and abs intervals.

Week four: Monday- cardio, Tuesday- total body circuit, Wednesday- lower focus, Thursday- total body circuit, and Friday- Abs intervals and speed 1.0.

Week five: Monday- Total Body Circuit, Tuesday- Abs intervals, Wednesday- Total Body Circuit, Thursday- cardio, and Friday total Body Circuit and Lower focus.

Your takeaway: As a beginner, it is recommended to work at your own pace. Trying to keep up with the trainer may result to frustrations. The phase is considered tough since it is the first exercise program for many. Moreover, your body is not used to serious excercising. So you will need some persistence.

Focus T25 review –  Second month schedule: BetaCycle.

Week Six: Monday- core cardio, Tuesday- speed 2.0, Wednesday- Rip`T circuit, Thursday- Dynamic core, Friday- Upper focus and core cardio.

Week Seven: Monday- Dynamic Core, Tuesday- core cardio, Wednesday- Rip`T circuit, Thursday- upper focus, Friday-Upper focus and core cardio.

Week Eight: Monday- Core Cardio, Tuesday- upper focus, Wednesday- speed 2.0, Thursday- Rip`T circuit, Friday- speed 2.0

Week Nine: Monday- Rip`T circuit, Tuesday- Dynamic Core, Wednesday- core cardio, Thursday- Dynamic Core, Friday- speed 2.0 and upper focus.

Week Ten: Monday- Rip`T circuit, Tuesday- core cardio, Wednesday- Rip`T Circuit, Thursday- Dynamic Core, Friday Rip`T circuit and speed 2.0.

After the two months, an average of 20 pounds is lost. Six packs become a reality, with other users packing on more muscles on their arms and legs.

The exercises are recommended to diabetic people, especially when aerobic exercises are required to lower the blood sugar levels to some diabetics. The exercises also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels reducing heart diseases.  But, if you have pre-existing heart-related complications, we recommended that you need consult your  doctor prior to exercise.

Focus T25 Review – Gamma Cycle: Third month schedule

Week Eleven: Monday- speed 3.0, Tuesday- Rip`T, Wednesday- Extreme Circuit, Thursday-Pyramid,   Friday- speed 3.0

Week Twelve: Monday- Rip`T up, Tuesday- Extreme Circuit, Wednesday- Speed 3.0. Thursday – the pyramid, Friday- Rip`T up.

Week Thirteen: Monday- the pyramid, Tuesday- speed 3.0. Wednesday- Rip`T up, Thursday – extreme circuit, Friday- the Pyramid.

Week Fourteen: Monday- Extreme circuit, Tuesday- Rip`T up, Wednesday- Speed 3.0, Thursday- the pyramid, Friday- Extreme circuit.

T25 Review – Who is the creator of Focus T25?

Born Shaun Thompson, Shaun T   has BS in Sports science with a minor in Theater and Dance.

He is the kind of a guy who knows how to put his both degrees into use. Apart from appearing, appearing on HBO’s Six Feet Under, CNN, and other TV shows, Shaun is known for creating phenomenally successful dance-based workout, Hip Hop Abs®  in the year 2007.

In the year, 2009, Beachbody and Shaun T launch INSANITY® program, a 60-day total-body conditioning workout that blew up the fitness world.

In 2013, Shaun T swept the fitness industry by a storm when he launched FOCUS T25®, another  jam-packed 25 minutes workout program that makes every minute count.

The Insanity Program is to a great extent difficult to perform and long. But, it’s truly compelling if you stay with and battle through the initial couple of weeks.

Due this challenge, the vast majority found it quite off-putting. Some of them stopped doing it altogether. People needed something as effective as the Insanity, but with more friendly and easy to perform workouts.

Shaun T caved in to the needs of  its clients  and came up with Focus T25. After a lot of contextual analyses and research, Shaun discovered the initial 30 minutes of an exercise are where most people burn fat and gain muscles. Along these lines, he combined the top, fat-burning workouts that would burn fat and tone muscle in an organized 25-minute exercise session.

Is Focus T25 Workout Safe For Someone Who Has A Health Condition?

So far, at the time of writing this T25 review, we have never heard of any adverse effect related to the use of this program.

However, you need to be extra careful if you have a pre-existing health condition. We strongly encourage you to confirm with your doctor whether this program is god for you.

This program offers 25 minutes of serious workout which is synonymous to the aerobic practices designed as part of diabetes treatment plan. The workouts assist in utilizing the blood sugar in the diabetic patient more effectively than fat.

Besides, the program will assist you in losing the weight if you have life-threatening conditions like hypertension or high levels of cholesterol in the body.

There are also T25 workout movements that can as well cause trouble for people with arthritis, physical limitations and joint pain. Ensure that you have chosen’ less striking action versions’ if you are experiencing any problem with the joints to prevent injury. Make sure you fully understand everything I’ve said in this T25 review before starting the program.

Where can you buy  Focus T25 workout DVD?

There are a couple of places where you can purchase your Shaun T’s Focus t25 workout DVD.  You can acquire your copy from the official page of Beachbody that is both in Canada and the USA.  Beachbody gives allows you to buy the program one time or through three monthly installments of $39.00. Either way, you have a guarantee of 30-day money back. Which I’ve covered in my other T25 review as well.

Conclusion to my T25 Review…

But, despite the fact that fitness addicts state that the program is easy, be prepared for major muscle strains especially at the start and during the Beta phase.

Focus T25 workout is perfect for anyone who wants to shape up their bodies, cut a couple of pounds or get their body well-toned.

With the Focus T25 program, you no longer experience frustrations and the mental conflicts associated with most workout programs such as the Insanity. In other words, Focus T25 is a  a continuous advancement that offers you a ripped look and professional athleticism level for exclusively 25 minutes daily

To Conlcude this T25 review, don’t ignore the nutritional meal plan. It affects your way to success. If you are used to eating three times a day, it is high time you prepare for a change to take five to six small meals in a day. If you’re still not convinced by this T25 review, look around my site and check out some of the other T25 posts. I’m sure you’ll find something helpful 🙂

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