Body Beast Review 

In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Body Beast before purchasing it. You’ll learn everything. Who this workout is for, what equipment you’ll need, what supplements you should take, everything.

Updated: August 10th 2018

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Body Beast?
  2. Who’s this workout for?
  3. Why does Body Beast work?
  4. Why doesn’t it work?
  5. What equipment is needed?
  6. What’s included with the program?

body beast review

Anyone looking for a bodybuilding system they can work with in the comfort of their own home has now got an answer with Beachbody’s Body Beast. Unlike many other products on the market  that focus on cardio conditioning, core strength training and fat loss, the Body Beast program claims to focus on building quality muscle mass and melt away fat, t
hus improving your overall physique. Yet, people may be skeptical before buying the program. That’s why we decided to create this article where we will take a close look at what the program offers and how it aims to achieve the results it promises to deliver. Based on our unbiased research and talks with people who have got results from the program, we break down what the program entails and answer common questions that people have when they are either contemplating buying it, or have just started training with it. If you too have been waiting for an unbiased, well-researched review, we hope our work will help you get the answers to all of your questions. If your queries and doubts are still unanswered, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to address it the next time we revisit this program to give you a fresh perspective on it.

What is Body Beast?

Body Beast is a workout program spread over a period of 90 days that’s filled with scientific workout routines to help you build muscle, become stronger like never before and finally, achieve that physique you always dreamt of. You can perform the entire program in the comfort of your own home or even in a gym.

Though this strength-focused workout program is mostly aimed at men, women too can achieve amazing results. Some women may dislike the bulging muscles that strength training creates, quite similar to models you find on covers of fitness magazines. But with Body Beast workout, you no longer need to worry about this. As this program is a pure mass gainer, there are limitations to the lean muscle you can add to your body frame naturally. Strong is the fresh trend in what we call skinny and Body Beast program will make you unquestionably stronger.

According to the creator of Body Beast, you can add up to twenty pounds of lean muscle during the entire program, which comprises of six workout routines per week spanning across 90 days. As a matter of fact, it sounds almost impossible to pack on that amount of mass by doing just the workouts. And that is why this program offers a complete package, which includes a detailed guide about what and how much you should be eating and the supplements that you should take to get the best results.

Body Beast is a serious workout program that strictly follows the old school weight lifting method! This needs to be mentioned because many workout programs, especially those that can be done within the comfort of your home, are all about cardio exercises and moving around with a little bit of weight lifting. You can perform most of the exercises included in the Body Beast workout with just dumbbells and barbells.

Who is this workout for?

Body Beast is for people who are already familiar with the gym and are working out regularly but have not seen the expected results. If you did programs such as P90X , CrossFit, or performed group training but failed to get the results you wanted and are now looking for a program that is extremely robust and really effective, then Body Beast is for you.

Also, if you have performed other available extreme fitness programs but still want to put more lean muscle, it is for you. This needs a mention because different people take to bodybuilding with different goals in mind – some want to gain muscle and gain weight while some others actually want to get stronger or get ripped.

The Body Beast program is quite effective and could help beginners to achieve their dream body. The exercises are organized and are explained in great detail. Though it is a pretty advanced program, it will definitely help a beginner to develop muscles really fast.

This is also a great program for people who have hit a plateau in their training, and are looking for something to help them breakthrough and start making progress again.

Body Beast Review – Why does Body Beast work?

Our review found that the biggest advantage of doing this program is that it helps you to achieve your dream gym-quality body in the comfort of your home. Thus, you can perform a significant number of muscle building workouts right at home without any need of going to the gym. Apart from comprising of some innovative techniques developed by the creator, Body Beast utilizes several powerful tactics which have been followed by professional as well as amateur bodybuilders across the globe for decades.

In this workout regimen, you will be starting off with steadily increasing amount of weight that would help you to lay the foundation. Then comes the ‘Dynamic Set Training’, which involves the concept of pre-exhaustion. At this stage, you will be doing significant number of sets of a workout with comparatively lighter weights and then comes the time for hitting the muscles hard with weighty ‘work sets’ that would trigger the micro-damages required for fast muscle growth.

In Body Beast program, you will be performing all the fundamental moves but in different manners. The main reason behind the success of Body Beast is the way in which the entire program has been laid out. Apart from the step-by-step workout guide, it includes meals, supplements and recuperation. All these together help you in attaining your desired goal.

Body Beast program brings you the freedom to train at the comfort of your home. However, you should get the equipments recommended by the creator of the program in order to attain the best results. Alternatively, you can easily perform this program in your preferred gym as well.

Now, here comes the second biggest advantage of Body Beast. Other body beast reviews found that it is not necessary that everyone needs to pack on twenty pounds of muscle. In that case, you can still reap the benefits of this program and get bigger and stronger. Instead of doing six workouts every week as laid out in the program, if you can manage to do only three workouts a week, you will still look and feel stronger.

Everyone is unique with different body types such as ectomorph, endomorph etc and hence the results vary from one to another. But generally, it greatly helps the lifter to develop more muscle mass while losing body fat with the Body Beast workout program. All you need to do is perform the workouts and complement them with a proper eating that consists of lots of clean carbohydrates and quality protein.

Apart from these, with this program, you get to have useful and effective nutritional advice at a fair price compared to other workout programs, which help you to get a chiseled physique fast. This program also encourages you to develop a habit of maintaining workout logs of the reps and sets that you have done with given weights, thus making you mentally attuned to staying fit for a lifetime.

Why doesn’t it work?

As with most of the workout programs, we have seen that while they work really well for some people, they fail to give others their desired results or meet the expectations they had. To some extent, our review found this true for this program as well. Yet, there are some intricate details that are often missed by many who complain about this program not working for them.

First and foremost, to reap the benefits of Body Beast workout completely, you should have a solid grasp understanding of different exercise moves and techniques, which could become an issue especially when it comes to the beginners.

Compared to other workout programs, Body Beast is a little bit more dependent on the equipments. In case you are a beginner who is just starting out, perhaps you can bypass the requirement but if you are serious about bulking up, you would need to procure some pieces of equipment which can ask for a significant investment on your part. Though you can purchase adjustable dumbbells to cut costs, it too would need you to spend a significant amount. Not using the equipment would mean you are adhering to the program half-heartedly and have already compromised with your success.

The diet laid out in this program is quite high in calories. Sometimes, this may lead to excess weight gain, which is not actually required when you are trying to increase the volume of your lean muscle mass. Though the excess fat is burned at the last phase to reveal a chiseled physique, those leaving the program mid-way may struggle to lose the excess fat deposits they have already build halfway through the program.

we found this program to be more attuned to men rather than women because most of the workouts are a bit taxing and require strength and stamina at more than an average level, which some women may find a tough task.

Is the program good for people on a busy schedule?

Simply put, if you’ve ever lifted weights in your life, you are going to love it. Though Body Beast follows the fundamentals of pumping iron, it consists of some new methodology of weight lifting where you would be able to attain effective results within fifty minutes if you do it right. That being said, people with hectic schedule can achieve their dream body with Body Beast program because they do not have to spend hours in the gym to obtain results.

What do the workouts involve? Do they require equipment?body beast schedule

If you have been lifting weights for some time, you would be familiar with all the moves involved in the workouts like various versions of squats and rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bench presses, arm curls etc. But some of Sagi’s set progressions, which he calls Dynamic Set Training, could be new for you. Wondering what it is? To answer, it’s a particular order of sets and reps that maximize the time your muscles spend under tension during a workout to facilitate anaerobic failure with less equipment and weight than is traditionally used. This in turn will force the hormonal response of your body to build muscles. The design of Dynamic Set Training also encourages testosterone production by your body. Since it’s the primary hormone that helps in developing muscle mass, your muscles will grow faster if your body produces more testosterone.

Perhaps you are now thinking how to do it practically? Simply consider the scenario where instead of a basic move like doing three sets of eight reps, you perform a Progressive Set of a move where your reps reduce as you add up the weight. So, if you normally use 25 lb weights for three sets of eight shoulder presses, Body Beast will have you perform something like 15 reps at 20 pounds, followed in succession by 12 reps at 25 pounds and 8 reps at 30 pounds, after which you will get a short rest, and then perform the same sequence, albeit in reverse. You may follow this up with a Force Set where you do five sets of five reps with rest in-between.

Exercise progressions that Body Beast program will have you doing involve:

  • Single Sets: which include just one exercise.
  • Super Sets: which include performing any two exercises without any rest in-between.
  • Multi-Sets: which require doing three exercises targeting different muscle groups.
  • Giant Sets: which include three uninterrupted exercise movements – all targeting the same muscle group.
  • Force Sets: which involve doing five sets of five reps, with a 10-second rest in-between each set.
  • Progressive Sets: these involve progressing from high reps with lighter weights to low reps with heavier weights, a short break at the end, and then doing it in reverse, from low reps and heavier weights to high reps with lighter weights.
  • Combo Sets: these are compound exercises that target more than one muscle group using more than a single joint.
  • Circuit Sets: these involve going from one exercise to another pretty fast with very little breaks in-between.
  • Tempo Sets: these involve holding a contraction for a specific period. For example, you could be doing 6 seconds of concentric action (pulling/pushing), followed by eccentric action for 6 seconds.

We found that the basic idea behind the Body Beast program is to keep your body constantly guessing, thus stopping it from adapting to your training schedule. Since these exercises don’t waste a lot of time and need to be done in quick succession, they get you sweating fast while limiting your daily workout time to an average of approximately 40 minutes (6 days a week).

Since Body Beast is primarily aimed at those looking to workout from their homes, you’ll need to invest in some equipment such as:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Weights

In case you are working on a stringent budget, you can invest in a flat bench and adjustable dumbbells, which would be adequate to give your entire body the necessary workout with Body Beast.

Are the workouts too hard for beginners?

The workouts are ideal for someone familiar with the gym or those who have been stagnant in their training and need something more challenging. However, since all the moves of this program are well laid out and described, a beginner too could benefit from them. Yet, a beginner starting off for the first time should remember that the program is slightly more advanced and involves two or three times the total volume that a novice would need. To be fair, Body Beast is much better suited for someone who has undergone solid training for a minimum period of three months.

What items are included in the program?

The whole Body Beast program is designed to last 90 days and includes three different “blocks”, each to be followed for a month. You will get 4 DVDs that guide you through 12 Dynamic Set Training workouts to bring along a complete transformation in your body.

You can’t build muscles or bring along physical transformation with workouts alone. Try to complement your workout regime with a balanced diet too. No wonder fitness experts often claim 60% of the results you get are due to nutrition. After all, you will need to eat right to build bigger muscles and get that lean look. If you go overboard and eat too much of the wrong food, you may simply end up being bulky without any chiseling. Body Beast takes this aspect very seriously and helps you with The Body Beast Eating Plan. You should select the eating plan that lets you intake more calories each day than what is needed by your body to maintain it. This excess calorie intake will contribute towards increased weight but not all the weight you gain will be attributed to muscles. This makes it extremely important to choose your meals properly. Unless you adhere to the eating plan strictly and eat clean, lean foods, you may end up fatter and bigger instead of leaner and bigger in case you cheat the program or eat the wrong foods. The good news is that with this program’s nutrition guide, you would no longer need any guesswork for your meals.

With custom meal plans, food lists, proven recipes, portion charts, a calorie calculator and easy-to-make power shakes, you can burn fat and build lean muscle fast. The program also suggests some effective supplements to help you bring your inner Beast out.  Once you start adhering to the Body Beast Eating Plan, you will notice how your nutrition plan changes as you inch closer to the target. For example, during the last phase of training, you will have to perform higher amount of cardio while sticking to lower caloric requirement. This will let you burn fat, thus giving you bigger, defined muscles to sport.

A day-by-day Beast Training Schedule is another element Body Beast program offers to help you stay on track and know which workouts you need to do each day to gain the optimum results.

This program packs a punch with Sagi’s “Book of Beast” that gives you useful insight into the program, talks about the mindset you need to develop to see it through till the end and discusses success principles important to achieve your desired goal.

The deal has been sweetened for those buying the program with the addition of two free bonus gifts, which include:

  • TOTAL BODY: Being Sagi’s personal favorite, this 38-minute single workout will target every muscle group in your body and make you drenched in sweat for sure.
  • Online program access: Access to the premium online program of Body Beast is offered for free where you will get coaching, support and motivation to get going with the program, all of which will help you get closer to the desired goal. What’s more, you can even get to live chat with Sagi and get useful snippets or words of wisdom from him that will help you in your endeavor of building muscles and being super fit.

Break down the program schedulebody beast results

Body Beast isn’t for the faint hearted or those looking for an overnight magical solution. However, if you are ready to sweat it out and take your body till the breaking point, this is just what you need. Each workout that this program outlines will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, based on the rest you opt for in-between. These workouts aim to break you down at first and then build you back up.

This program involves three phases namely:

  • Build
  • Bulk
  • Beast

Before starting the first phase of the Body Beast program, you should determine your daily caloric intake requirements. Your weight, height and total body fat percentage will play crucial role in determining this. Once you have calculated your caloric intake requirements, you should choose an eating plan from the nutritional program that accompanies the series.

The three week long Build phase – the first block, creates a foundation for the program. You will need to work out six days each week with a day’s rest every week. This phase introduces you to the moves, helps you get started with lifting hard with Single sets, Super sets and Giant sets that help create definition and strength in the first 30 days. This phase teaches you how to breathe properly during your workouts and gives advice on bracing your core during heavy training to stay safe. There are four workouts in this phase to build:

  • Back & Bis (51 minutes)
  • Chest & Tris (49 minutes)
  • Legs (39 minutes)
  • Shoulders (39 minutes)

This phase also involves cardio routines though they are limited to just two days during the entire period of three weeks.

The Bulk phase is the second block in the program. Spread over six weeks and involving five workouts, this phase amps up your training to a more grueling level physically, where the focus is on heavier lifting and using muscles to move the weight. Thus, your training gets intense at this phase with Combo sets, Multi-sets, Force sets and Progressive sets, which push your body to develop defined lean muscle and power.

The Bulk phase comprises of five workouts that aim to bulk up your:

  • Back (30 minutes)
  • Chest (31 minutes)
  • Shoulders (36 minutes)
  • Arms (37 minutes)
  • Legs (41 minutes)

Instead of targeting your entire body or multiple areas, each workout in this phase focuses on building one specific body part. During this phase, you will have a five-day workout routine with a single off day, after which you will need to start the series all over again. The last week of the Bulk phase will give you two rest days though.

Prior to beginning the Bulk phase, you should take a look at your caloric intake. If you notice weight gain and an increased body fat percentage after completing the first phase, you may need to select a different eating plan to add more calories to maintain your body weight. Another way could be to add more calories to your selected Build plan when you start the Bulk phase.

The last and final block in the program is the Beast phase. These last three weeks are the most demanding where you have to do cardiovascular workouts at a faster, more intense pace. The 12 Body Beast workouts take your body through an incredible rotation to give your newly chiseled physique the finishing touches. Apart from this total body workout that takes about 40 minutes, this phase has two new workouts namely:

  • Beast Abs (12 minutes), and
  • Beast Cardio (31 minutes)

The meal plan during this final phase needs you to reduce your calorie intake and boost your protein intake. The aim of this last block is to help you get rid of the fat you have gained and bring out the lean muscle that this 90-day program has helped you create. So, get ready to welcome your inner Beast at this final phase.

Who’s the creator of Body Beast?sagi kalev

Body Beast is a popular DVD workout program from Beachbody, I’m pretty sure you’ve come to realize that while reading this body beast review. Trainer Sagi Kalev has created this program. Founded in 1998, Beachbody is a leading provider of nutrition, fitness and weight-loss programs that have helped more than 23 million customers. Its co-founders Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler started the journey way back in 1998 driven by a solitary goal in mind – to help people live a healthy, satisfying life. In 2015, the company touched the milestone of taking its sales to $1 billion. With a strong network of 1000+ employees together with a 350,000-strong online community and Team Beachbody Coach Network, Beachbody ensures you are never alone, no matter what you aim to achieve or how far you need to travel to attain those goals. With experts and support staff there with you round the clock, you can challenge common excuses, overcome your dilemmas and doubts, and experience how unbelievable change can be ushered with an unflinching, strong, positive attitude. All these are applicable for the Body Beast program too. Rather than taking shortcuts, the program aims to bring real, lasting transformation in your physique with 100% effort and 24/7 support from experts to make it all worth the pain and sweat.

Now that you know about the company, it’s time to take a closer look at trainer Sagi Kalev, who is the brain (and muscles) behind Body Beast. Being a bodybuilder since the young age of 16, Sagi Kalev has served the Israeli army with a four-year tour of duty. He credits his stint with the Israeli army for teaching him the focus, discipline, respect and determination that he incorporates in his bodybuilding training.

Sagi has leveraged his education (a physical education degree from the University of Central Florida with a minor in nutrition) to create a nutrition plan suited exclusively for the Body Beast program. He has also drawn upon his years’ of experience in training bodybuilding competitors to lay the foundation for this program.

Once he graduated from college, Sagi pursued an acting and fitness modeling career. He took part in several bodybuilding competitions and was awarded two “Mr. Israel” titles together with numerous others. He had graced the covers of Iron Man, Men’s Workout, Muscle & Fitness magazines and many other publications as a fitness model. After entering and competing in numerous shows and enjoying a busy modeling career, Sagi changed the course of his career in 2003 when he decided to focus on personal training. He started working with people across all age groups and has been helping everyone since then to become healthy and enjoy excellent physical condition. With Body Beast, he makes it possible for anyone to work out at anytime and from anywhere to burn fat, sculpt muscles and transform the entire physique. The philosophy Sagi Kalev has adhered to throughout his fitness career are at work in the Body Beast program too – to not focus on just being the biggest, but to be the best at what he’s involved in.

Thus, with Body Beast, Sagi brings the limelight on a well-planned technique that helps build a strong foundation. It’s not just about lifting the heaviest weights that you can find. Rather, it’s about making a consistent effort in improving your self image that will make you feel good about yourself. And that’s exactly what Sagi Kalev teaches you through his Body Beast program.


To wrap up this bod beast review, building muscles is no longer just about lifting heavy weights and doing repetitive sets that focus on a lone body part at a time. With Body Beast, you now have pure science to back your complete body transformation. With each workout, each rep in every set of your exercise regimen together with well-planned meals laser-focused on leveraging exercise science to transform any average body into a jaw-dropping physique, you now have just what you need for your home workouts. Using a tried and tested combination of resistance, sets, reps and short recovery (called Dynamic Set Training), this program isn’t easy to follow. Yet, some Body Beast reviews found it to be effective in stripping your fat away to reveal a ripped physique, which is sure to attract envious attention of onlookers. If you enjoyed this article, please do share it, as it helps us out tremendously! If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.